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Discuss the USA’s most significant contributions to the Allied victory over Germany and Japan in World War II.


Your answers must be based solely on information taken from the course lectures, readings, and assigned films. Answers based on outside sources will automatically incur a substantial point deduction. Evidence of shared exam answers (i.e. essays that do not vary substantively in content, organization, and writing) will incur a substantial point deduction as well as possible FSU and or/CIECHS disciplinary action. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero for the offending answer and possible university-imposed disciplinary action for honor code violations.

As you prepare your answers, please use the essay checklist found in the welcome module. Although I do not have a minimum word count the questions generally cannot be fully answered in less than 400 words. Your answer should aim to synthesize the reading, lecture, and video content. You should paraphrase from the reading and avoid excessive quoting (If your essay contains quoted material, please be sure to indicate all quotes and provide citations) Do not use any sources other than those assigned for this class, and be sure to use all relevant assigned sources when preparing your essays (i.e., lecture, textbook, film, etc.). Answers that use outside sources will automatically incur a substantial point deduction.

Essay Checklist

1. Have you answered the question fully and completely?


2. Have you met the minimum suggested length of 400 words?


3. Have you cited your sources?


4. Have you included all possible sources?


5. Is your paper plagiarism free?


6. Did you use quotation marks to clearly indicate all quoted material?


7. Did I write this essay myself?


8. Did you make sure to only use the assigned course material?


9. Does your essay have an introduction and a conclusion?


10. Did you include a clear thesis in your introduction?


11. Is your writing clear? Did you read your essay aloud?


12. Did you check for spelling and grammatical errors?

Lecture # 11


Lecture # 12

Crash Course 35


Crash Course 36

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