The Synthetic in the Star Trek: Picard

The Synthetic in the Star Trek: Picard

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The Synthetic in the Star Trek: Picard


The Star Trek shows Picard synthetic life forms banned throughout the Starfleet and the Federation. It entails the sleeper agents, spies in the Federation and the rogue Romulans getting up to all sorts of mischief. The science of fiction base on robots shaped like people and others looking like an animal. The Star Trek: Picard entails the story of Data about a robot who wishes to be human when it comes to robots in fiction. The Star Trek: Picard presents a robot that accomplishes various functions when blended with the best organic and mechanical world. The integration between the robot and organic world delivers an artificial being with benefits of international design. The Star Trek shows the next generation that is preoccupied with the nature of life with the data discovering humanity at the heart and soul of the next generation.

It has taken over two decades for Picard crew to be seen in the Star Trek due to the dramatic change in the politics of artificial life. The first androids, commonly known as the synthetics, were commission by the Starfleet. Picard convinced the Start Fleet to enact a massive rescue as well as relocation. Although Picard stands by every one of choices, it has aged well with the public after the terrorist attack by a group of synthetics destroying the rescue armada. The new world of Star Trek with a synthetic life form is illegal and unwelcomed. As a result, Picard has fallen out of steps with society and sees his decision to withdraw the attack dishonorable and criminal while finding the one time leader for the future of the human race which has lost faith. Picard is poised to become one of the most political instalment which keeps its eye on the progressive message of hope for humanity.

The Star Trek is, therefore, a vehicle for the timely narratives. Picard pushes the modernized TV writing with a tightened episode run as well as a serialized story. It reveals the themes of humanitarian values, corruption, as well as the refugee crisis. From Star Trek, Picard data death has been due to the highly advanced data. Picard and the other enterprise crew with the hope that the new data would live on in the prototype. However, the positronic brain proves to be unable to duplicate Data’s consciousness despite sacrifices made. Picard hoped to learn more thus spent in the archived collections showing perfect for the new Trek series. The parts developed with the scenes video delving into the backstory of the Star Trek with Picard proposing based on the Federation phase rifle as well as the uniform pips.



The synthetics inexplicably in the Star Trek has turned into the federation masters with the commandeering the rescue fleet as well as orchestrating n attack on mars. In the wake of the attack, the Starfleet led to cancelling of plans to rescue the Romulans thus left untold millions to a death sentence. It also led to the banning of artificial life through the Federation as a moral lapse leading to the Picard’s estrangement from the organization that was devoted to life. It reveals how Star Trek lore was explained in the series premiere of Star Trek: Picard. Picard has been a proponent of granting the full rights to the artificial life forms with an ideology that led to the measure of a man (Vest 324). The episode reveals the attempt to claim data as Starfleet property to disassemble the entire race of cybernetic beings. Although data refused the experiment, it defended Picard as a living being with the right to choose his fate.

  • Picard is still haunted even after eighteen years since the Data Death in a way that has been grieving. The revelation has failed to mention the offspring of Data; thus, Picard has a mission to save the surviving android from a group of shadowy Romulans.
  • Picard aims at finding out why the Synthetics attacked Mars intending to restore the legacy of the Data. Although it is a tall task and Picard has to do it without most of his old crew, he is an individual who is up to the challenge of saving Starfleet’s soul.
  • Spiner returns as Data in Star Trek: Picard and appears in Jean Luc’s tormented dreams with the prop android part serving as one of the most moving memorials that are iconic to the next generation character.
  • Stewart took a role of shaping the objects in Picard’s life with the unique telescope that was later incorporated into how Picard imagined his day to day life. Picard writing on the Star Trek reveals the events of the reboot film franchise which have embraced even individual (Pearson ).
  • Picard is said to be firm on the timeline, and it is evident that the series adopts the Supernova which is evident in the reboot. From a quick conversation, Picard ignites the curiosity thus the need to ignite the curiosity if the farmer for Stewart’s performance.
  • Picard looks completely new with a series of benefits from the apparent robust production. Steward is captured in the loveliest lightings to grace the iconic visage in Picard’s long history. As a result, there is remembrance with impressive based quality and intensity for the actions that are earthbound.


The peak of Star Trek shows that Picard represents the fundamental shift based on his extraordinary leadership and being a man of high power in a stem. The significant elements making Picard a pivot for the character entails the potential as an outsider and underdog that is fighting to bring honor back to a society that has lost its way. The regular doses of callbacks show Picard feeling of re-birth, tonally as well as the texturally. It narratively comes from the drive mentioned above towards the condensed and centralized storytelling, which strips Picard’s natural charms. With the long gone space adventure, there are few alien species to spot the premiere with Picard not doubt assembling the team to a journey of the heroic mission to save the galaxy. The typically ever-present Star Fleet uniforms show the docking scenes as well as the communication which mentions Picard’s calm battle orders from the command deck. Picard is yet to be called a return to form although he has had a step towards something new, thus building the backbone of knowing and feeling like going home.

Writer’s Memo

For my rhetoric in practice, I chose to write about the Synthetic in the Star Trek: Picard. The story focuses on one of Captain Picard who had transcendent moments on Star Trek for the next negation. I chose to add fantastic elements to my account as it deals with the themes of Fantasy as well as Fairy tales with the idea of employing the use of a fantasy realm to address issues in the current society. The topic of the story, the Synthetic in the Star Trek: Picard is inspired by the support of media for the sustainable lifestyle. I use Picard’s point of view to converse the message to the reader while employing dialogue to make the reader feel spoken to while thinking about fitting in society. As a result, I make the audience to listen to my message rather than overlooking. The story aims the mature teens who enjoy reading and dealing with challenges as they grow up, thus making active choices.




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