The Nurse As Advocate assignment

The Nurse As Advocate

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The Nurse as Advocate

Whether nurses are advocating for their patients, health care, and/or policies that improve people’s lives, the advocacy processes have commonalities that transcend the subject of their advocacy. There are also differences, although these differences may be more nuanced than obvious.


Write a 5-page brief to answer the following questions. Be sure to use APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.

Read the following chapters from your course textbook:

  • Taking Action: Nurse, Educator, and Legislator: My Journey to the Delaware Senate
  • Taking Action: A Nurse in the Board Room

Answer the below questions:

  • Describe what you believe to be the drivers for each of the individuals? What factors led them to become advocates?
  • Discuss the challenges that each of them identified in their writings.
  • Analyze these drivers and challenges and compare them with your own experience to date as an advocate. In what ways do you believe that you can expand your advocacy skills within the next five years?
  • A number of factors influenced my decision to run for public office in 2000, including my desire to make a significant contribution to the public’s health. As a university faculty member, I assigned students to various public health and health policy assignments. During these experiences, I witnessed the need for expert health knowledge in the Delaware General Assembly. The time was ripe within the political party and within my district to run for the Delaware legislature. I ran for office for the first time in 2000 and lost by a mere 1%. I had run against a long-term, male incumbent and learned some important political lessons. In 2002, political redistricting left a vacant seat and I ran again. This time I won in a tough election against the president of the local school board. After serving 6 years in the House, I campaigned for, and won, a state senate race in 2008
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