Statistical Biology Lab Report

Statistical Biology Lab Report

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Paper title (The title should be specific and concise-Do not use “Formal Lab Report” in the title. All words except the first word should be in lower case-except for proper nouns.)[i]

Author’s Name (Principal Author), 1, Author’s Name (Bench-mate 1), 1 Authors Name (Bench-mate 2), 1 Author’s Name (Bench-mate 3), 1 Author’s Name (Bench-mate 4), 1 Author’s Name1 (Bench-mate 5) 1 – If you do not know your bench-mates names, please write your name + 4 other BIOA01 students in PRAXX

1Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, Canada



Abstract: An abstract is a one-paragraph summary of your report. It should begin with a few introductory remarks that introduce the significance of the study. It should include (in this order) the background of the study (1-3 sentences), mentioning of the study system/species/object (1 sentence), the question investigated (1 sentence), the general methods used (1 sentence), the principle results (1 sentence) and the conclusions (1 sentence). The reader should be able to determine the major points of your report without having to read further.  The language should be concise and no citations should be included in the abstract. The abstract is located at the beginning of your report, however it is usually written once you have finished writing your paper.

Keywords: Include at least 3 keywords or phrases (specific to your paper), which must be separated by commas to differentiate them.

Introduction [Page limit-1 page]

[i] Template modified from the following resources:  “Manuscript Template,” Science Publishing Group, The Open Access Publisher 2012 URL; Guidelines for Writing Scientific Papers, Honors Organismal Biology Laboratory (no date), URL; Guidelines for Writing a Scientific Paper, Maloy 2001, URL; and Writing a Scientific Research Paper,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2000. URL


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