Spiritual Needs of the Patients

Spiritual Needs of the Patients

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Spiritual aspect of the patient is a major determinant of their healing process. Human body is made up of many systems working in unitary form. Therefore, when one of the segments is affected, an individual becomes sick. The spiritual care focuses on supporting an individual ‘sinner soul and helping them overcome the health challenges their loved ones undergo (Fitch & Bartlett, 2019). In the healthcare setting, it focuses on promoting emotional wellbeing and comfort. Patients with chronic illness are likely to suffer significant emotional distress and may not be able to connect with their physical world.

Religion and faith play an important role in the spiritual care. My understanding of the spiritual care differs from what was covered in the course reading. Over time, there has been a notion that spiritual care mainly deals with nourishing one’s faith. The religious faith and beliefs helps one in connecting with the spiritual authority and so build their hope for better things even if things are not what they wanted (Jahandideh, 2018). It is apparent that believing in the spiritual deity helps people to connect with their environment and so plays an important role in the spiritual care.

Spiritual care is important for the patients with terminal illnesses. There are many cases where people become more religious and depend on God during the hard times and when confronted with terminal illnesses (Hu et al., 2019). Therefore, the nurses have the role of encouraging the patients and giving them hope. Religion is important in the spiritual care; however, a comprehensive care encompasses many elements including getting the patients engage in activities that will make them joyous such as recreational activities.


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