Sonnet Description Assignment Help

Sonnet Description Assignment Help

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Sonnet Description Assignment Help






Question 1

The sonnet describes the dream that elucidates the solitude and desperation the persona had for Dina. The persona feels lonely and helpless when he thinks of Dina. He longs to be in love with Dina, but Dina seems not to be reciprocating the feelings. The persona runs for her, but Dina runs away from her. The sonnet revolves around a love relationship and how the desperation for love can make one restless and isolated.

Question 2

The sonnet shows that men long to fall in love with women; though, women are hard to get. The persona represents male, while Dina represents female. The persona was so much in love and longed for Dina, but she kept on running from him. Additionally, the male subject is brave and willing to go for what they want, and this is evident when the persona shouts, ”Dina,” as she tried to run away.

Question 3

The two stylistic devices in the sonnet include metaphor and personification. The use of metaphor is evident when the person states that ‘‘that pear I was a dream in this life.’’ The imagery is used to emphasize the longing he had for Dina. Secondly, the use of personification is evident when the persona states that ‘‘magination the eyes make me sleep.’’ The eyes have been personified in the sonnet to express the feelings of the persona.

Question 4

The themes of dream and deception are evident in both the sonnet and Comonian work. In both cases, the characters’ dreams are deceptive since what they visualize is not what they get in reality. The persona in the sonnet longs for Dina in the dream, but when he wakes up, he states that he cannot even make a small mistake. Similarly, the comfort described in the Comonian work rarely corresponds to reality (Bernardes 371).



Work Cited

Bernardes, José Augusto Cardoso. “” The Kingdom of Crystal, liquid and meek “: drift of utopia in the Camonian epic.” (2006): 361-372.


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