Research Proposal Funds Seeking

Research Proposal Funds Seeking

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Research proposal grant, Funding seeking skills, Request for proposals (RFPs) and funding opportunity announcements( FOA).

Please see the atached WORD DOC with all INSTRCUTIONS, LEARNING MATERIAL AND all you need for this Assignment.

Here is what the Assignm. requests:



Paper: 2–3 pages:

For this week’s Assignment, consider your Final Project (Obesity in rural ADULTS in West Viginia)   and the possibility of applying for a grant to implement your intervention or study.

Explain how you would apply the skills and knowledge gained in this course to the grant writing process. What strategies would you use when submitting an RFP and an FOA? Be specific and provide an example of how you would apply at least one skill you have learned and at least one example of knowledge gained from the course.

I have attached 4 short adobe files on Grans and Presenting Research results, these are PART OF LEARNING RESOURCES as well, along with 2 websites given in the word doc. under RESOURCES.

My PROPOSAL topic: addressing obesity in rural ADULTS in West Virginia by implementing a 12 weeks Intervention that teaches the adults with BMI>25 enrolled in my program the following: education material about Weigh and BMI, medical implications of Overweight and Obesity, healthy nutritious diet and regular physical activity. THIS is my proposal. YOU HAVE to CONTINUE IT by applying for a GRANT to implement my Proposal

Research Proposal Funds Seeking

“This is a great start,” he says. “Have you decided which types of funding sources to approach? Public or private? By the way, you will need to delete about half of this content while still conveying its essence.” Ana is dismayed. She does not know which type of funding source would be more appropriate for the program. Also, she thought she already had a strong basis for her grant. Does she need to be more succinct, or clarify her points better? Her confidence level begins to ebb.

Welcome to the final week of the course. This week, you will explore topics related to grant writing. You will evaluate the appropriateness of different types of funding sources as well as your own grant-writing skills. You also will examine challenges and strategies related to completing request for proposals (RFPs) and funding opportunity announcements (FOAs).

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