Reflective Journal_Question/Answer format

Reflective Journal_Question/Answer format

The Reflective Journal_Question/Answer format assignment consist of two to three pages essay Question/Answer format. (literally, write down the question and answer it.
It must also include an abstract (at least one paragraph)which should not be accounted as part of the length of the essay.

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The textbook to be use as the only source is: Leaders and the leadership Process: Readings, self-Assessments and Applications. Six Edition, by Pierce and Newstrom.

Chapters 5 and 6 only.

The questions to reflect essay and to answer are:
.1. Discuss the changing approach to leadership popularity as a feature of � group-emergent� leadership and what defines the situation in responding to leadership and what yields a �handsome payoff.�
2. Explain what two things are important to an individual�s attainment of leadership. Conversely, what can cause a leader to lose influence and be replaced by one of the �followers?�
3. Explain the source of organizational power, how it is shared, and what overall impact it has on decision making.
4. Describe briefly the major �bases of social power�. Identify which ones are the strongest and briefly explain why they are.
5. Discuss legitimate power with regard to its bases, range and its intersection with influence.

I have the power point presentations for chapters 5 and 6. If you would like me to upload please let me know.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Emergent Leadership and Social Influence part of the Reflective Journal_Question/Answer format

  • Leader denotes an individual with a status that permits him to exercise influence over certain individuals
  • Status refers to the placement of an individual along a dimension, hierarchy, by virtue of some criterion of value
  • Before a status distinction can arise, two things must hold:
  • An arousal of a socially conditioned expectancy
  • A flow of information regarding the object person

Viewpoints Concerning Leadership and Followership

  • A search for characteristics of the leader on the supposition that there is some universality among these
  • A concern with group-emergent leadership where popularity among followers may be of significance
  • A focus on situational factors that determine the demands made upon leadership and for leadership
  • An interest in the subtle interplay of motives and perceptions between followers and their leaders
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