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The Map of the World

Narrative text of the world

The Bulgeris replicates California and is a region located to the western region of the Coast North of America. The world is divided in to two parts including the Northern and Southern California. The Northern part is referred as San Francisco while the lower part is the Los Angeles (California, n.d.).


The world is endowed with various resources including transport means, social amenities, industries and education facilities. In addition to the many industries, the new world has appropriate measures to curb pollution and ensure that people are safe from the harmful effects of pollution. Pollution is a major threat especially in the current world where the climate change is on the verge.

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California is one of the most diversified cities in the United States with a steady population growth. The world has an estimated population of three hundred and nine thousand with an estimated growth rate of 0.78%. In terms of the ethnic and racial characteristics, the region is made up of whites, Hispanics, Asian Americans, the native Indians and the Black Americans. The high level of diversity in the region is attributed to the immigration witnessed during the Gold Rush era. While some of the immigrants and legally in the world, about 6% of the population is composed of the illegal immigrants (Demographic Profile – California and Counties, n.d.).

The world nurtures cultural values from different ethnic groups. For instance, the culinary styles range from the Mexican restaurants, Indian and Italian restaurants among others. The accommodative climate in the region has played a significant role in the diversity development. Besides, the local farmers have grown lots of crops.

In terms of gender and religious characteristics, majority of the people in the world are Christians with a few assuming other religious while others are not affiliated to any religious group. Cultural diversity creates a good environment for people from other parts of the world to visit and interact with the society. According to…, the ethnic ties and modernism are essential components in the development of nationalism theory. On the other hand, regions with highly diversified populations tend to have a lot of conflicts due to misunderstandings. The misunderstandings come to an end when the populations integrate and learn to co-exist. While the world is made of various ethnic groups, the groups are organized and so brings sanity and cohesion among the people. Some of the factors shaping the ethnic communities include the impact of the organized religion and the shared ritual and religious practices. For example, the religious groups in the region are not specifically linked to a specific ethnic group but rather, there are mixed ethnicities practising the religious ideologies and identities.

The common economic activities practiced by the population living in California include agriculture, forestry, gas and oil production entertainment and industrial activities among others. The activities attract people from different parts of the world and thus heightening the diversity climate. The diversity in the region is meant to accommodate all people visiting the region and this means that they can move from one place to another without the fear of being discriminated. California is a tech-driven state and this has attracted tech-driven and ambitious people in search of the fulfilment of their dreams. The state is equally ranked high in terms of the employment index. The good working environment characterized by high employment rate and good housing schemes encourages diverse populations to settle in the region.


The world is known as Bulgeris World


The region is made of people of different races. The ethnic and racial diversity


Government plays an important role in controlling the activities and promoting national development. The world in this case, would be ruled by a president who controls all the activities taking place. Having a central point of command facilitates easy distribution and management of resources in the nation. On the other hand, having a law-abiding citizens makes it easy for the government to deliver to the people and promote economic developments. Furthermore, the political stability is a pre-requisite for economic growth and developments as evident in the case of California. The stability encourages the movement of the potential investors who contributes significantly to job creation.


Calfornia is one of the fastest growing economies in the United States. An economic performance of a nation is evaluated based on the GDP value, living standard and the employment rates among others. Nations performing poorly economically tend to have a poor high unemployment rates and this means that majority of its populations are idle. The prior analysis of the cultural values of California showed that the people in the country engages in various economic activities including farming, business and tech-developments. There are greater opportunities for economic developments among the people inhabiting the world. Besides, the high living standards among the people promotes economic growth due to high purchasing power among the populations.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 3.9 percent and this means that the rate is kept relatively low (California Economic Indicators, n.d.). Majority of the population are professionals working in health sector and education.  The unemployment rate in California has been reducing with time and this is a god indicator of economic growth. Furthermore, the growth in the economic viability of the nation is as a result of the growing labor force. The readily available human resource supplemented with the capital resources has accelerated productivity and growth in the GDP. It is amazing to note that despite the growing population, the selected world continues to record tremendous economic parameters with the unemployment rate decreasing with time. The labor vacancies are consistent with growing number of human resource.


Globalization continues to dominate in the current world and this means that the level of interactions among people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds have also increased. Therefore, the concept of diversity has become of significant importance in the current world. Many people have suffered cultural encounters due to their inability to adapt and interact in different cultural setting. Besides, some regions are hostile to foreign cultural groups as they strive to preserve their values. The selected world in this case is made of people from different parts of the world interacting with one another freely. The people value and appreciate diversity and so enhances the innovation and creativity among the populations. I have always dreamt of a world where people can interact freely with one another without the fear of being discriminated. Providing equal opportunities to people in a nation is a sign of the respect and recognition of humanity. The peace and harmony in the world is as a result of the value and respect accorded to diversity (Annual & Special Pass Descriptions, n.d.).

Besides, I like the world because of the high level of economic productivity and infrastructural developments. The economic developments facilitate growth in the living standards among the population. Nobody would like to live in world where they suffer for the rest of their lives, but instead, they would want to live happily and enjoy the luxuries in the world. California has many social enmities and facilities that facilitate enjoyable living among the people living in the world.

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California is a coastal region and this means the beach culture is highly evident in the region. Furthermore, the environment has facilitated the nurturing of the surfing culture and thus makes a great spot for the surf companies. The people in the region ae hospitable and welcoming to the visiting people. On the other hand, one would ask whether the coastal environmental has any contribution to the marriage practices in the region. Marriage is an important component of cultural practice. Currently, gender identity and sexual orientations have changed significantly and so led to the increased complexity in the family structures and systems. California is one of the states in the U.S that legalized the LGBT practices. Same sex marriage was legalized in 2008 and this resulted in the increase in the cases of same sex marriages filed in the state. Initially, the same-sex marriage was unheard and opposed seriously; however, in 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that barring the same sex marriages was a serious breach of the state’s constitution (Know Your Rights: Same-Sex Marriage | ACLU of Northern CA, n.d.).

The essence in this analysis is to reinforce the need for liberty and freedom among the populations. The world would create an environment where people are free to respond to their desires in a positive manner. Embracing diversity in terms of religion, marriage and sexual orientation will be an indicator of developed democracy in the world.

Over time, people have become permissive to same-sex marriage and the level of opposition continues to reduce since its legalisation. The marriage licences are issued to both the homosexual and heterosexual couples. The Federal government provides equal treatment and recognition to the married couples regardless of whether they are of opposite or the same sex. The opposition against same-sex marriage has been witnessed in other parts of the world leading to the exclusion and stigmatization of the LGBT groups. However, California is a free society where people have the freedom to exercise what their conscience directs them to do. The marriages are ceremoniously conducted and must be presided over by somebody solemnized by the Clergy or a judge. The parties intending to marry have to go to the county office and apply for the marriage licence; they must present an identity proof that shows that they are above 18 years. Upon getting the marriage license, the intending couples have to marry within 90 days or else the certificate is invalidated.



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