Positive Effects of Social Media

Positive Effects of Social Media on community based organizations

Effects of Social Media: Social media are used to facilitate social and political change. Social Media are very popular among the population. Many people access Facebook and Twitter daily. It has got a great influence on the population more so on the youths.
Social media can be used positively to politically influence the population. This involves manipulating the mind of the people in a given society to do their best since they are informed of what is taking place. During the election, politicians use social media to influence the mass and seek their votes. Social media enhances information sharing and awareness creation.
Business organization in society benefits so much from social media. Recruitment and advertisement are usually posted on social networks so that many people can access them. The impacts of community-based organizations depend on their relationship with other organizations and other stakeholders. Social media is an important tool that is used to network with various business organizations. Products produced by various firms are posted on social media where many people can access them. Organization in the health sector utilizes the social sector to promote health intervention, education and social marketing efforts (Valente, T., 2010). Social media are used in various organizations to promote productivity. The use of social media helps to relax the brain in a working environment. People can engage well in their work by having a relaxed mind. It, therefore, enhances the concentration and quality of work produced.
Finally, it is evident from the discussion that social media offers various advantages to community-based organizations. There is a need to handle social media with caution since it also has some negative influence on the community. Social media can help in enlarging social circles, and breaking friend barriers caused by geographical isolation. It is of significance in community engagement, recruitment, fundraising, information creation awareness and networking non-profit work. The best utilization of social media is healthier for community life since it keeps the community updated on current issues and trends.

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