Nurse E-Portfolio Final Course

Nurse E-Portfolio Final Course

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In this final course entry into your Nurse E-Portfolio for this course, you will be examining and reflecting on the knowledge and skills you have learned about health assessment. Using the e-portfolio format, answer the following questions. Make sure you spend some time thinking about the answers to these questions before writing.

  1. What two areas of knowledge have you gained?
  2. What specific health assessment skills are you now able to integrate into your nursing care?
  3. Are there any areas that still remain unclear? What will you do to increase your clarity?

An electronic portfolio (also known as a digital portfolioonline portfolioe-portfolioe-folio, or eFolio)[1] is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the Web. Such electronic evidence may include input text, electronic files, images, multimediablog entries, and hyperlinks. E-portfolios are both demonstrations of the user’s abilities and platforms for self-expression. If they are online, users can maintain them dynamically over time.

One can regard an e-portfolio as a type of learning record that provides actual evidence of achievement. Learning records are closely related to the learning plan, an emerging tool which individuals, teams, communities of interest, and organizations use to manage learning.[citation needed] To the extent that a personal learning environment captures and displays a learning record, it may also operate as an electronic portfolio.

E-portfolios, like traditional portfolios, can facilitate students’ reflection on their own learning, leading to more awareness of learning strategies and needs.[2] Comparative research by M. van Wesel and A. Prop between paper-based portfolios and electronic portfolios in the same setting tentatively suggests that use of an electronic portfolio may lead to better learning outcomes.[3]

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