New Frontiers Synthetic Biology

New Frontiers Synthetic Biology

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Write a formal MLA formatted paper reviewing the idea of the frontier contrasting Lewis and Clark with the article provided: Frontiers: Future Trends in Synthetic Biology – A Report.

Contrast Lewis and Clark’s purpose with the current frontier research currently being conducted in Synthetic Biology.   Include in your discussion: What is the idea of the frontier similar, is it similar to Lewis and Clark’s perspective of nature and the frontier, what is one of the new frontiers discussed in the article, how might it impact nature?

Write a minimum of 5 paragraphs and typed in MLA format.

Moreover, there are some concerns from governments that synthetic biology expands the pool of agents of concern, which increases the need to develop detection, identification and monitoring systems, and proactively build countermeasures against chemical and biological threats (Wang and Zhang, 2019). The participation of representatives from various government organizations at this meeting is testament to their commitment to maintaining an active dialogue with the synthetic biology community. In this way, they aim to keep abreast of the changing nature of threats and provide the best advice to government about investment in science and technology and the introduction or amendment of regulatory processes.

The cost of DNA sequencing and synthesis have decreased dramatically (Carlson, 2014Kosuri and Church, 2014) and we have access to more genetic information and more powerful genetic engineering capabilities than ever before. Critical investments in infrastructure are bearing fruit and, as is described below, synthetic biology is increasingly becoming, at least part of, the solution to many of our present and future needs in medicine, food and energy production, remediation, manufacturing, and national security. So what is the potential of synthetic biology and what challenges does it still face to realize this?

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