Movie Review Assignment- 300 Words

Movie Review Assignment- 300 Words

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Movie Review

Social media creates an environment where the teens can freely express themselves. Expression is one of the aspects of identity evident through the episode. From the episode, majority of the teens post photos and other contents on the social media platforms to get opinions on what people think about them. Positive responses gives one the confidence and boost self-esteem. On the other hand, negative comments impact them negatively. As a result, such experiences helps in exploring the role of social media and digital migration on the identity development. The aspect of confidence derived from the positive responses indicates the positive aspect of the social media use by the teens. On the other hand, social media creates a virtual environment with vast freedom where people are free to say what they want. Some people may use such freedoms to intimidate others or perpetrate cyberbully which affects the teen’s identity developments negatively.

Identity is defined by what a person believes and guides their daily lives. Developing an identity may take long since people acquire values from their environmental interactions according to the social learning theory. Overreliance on social media platform presents a major risk to the identity developments among the teens. According to the course readings, social media platforms promotes desensitization that makes people less sensitive to some issues because of the prolonged exposure. The teens can access any content from the social media platforms and these defines whom they become. For example, those exposed to violent video-games may become aggressive.

The episode states the role of social media in shaping values and behaviors among teens. The teenagers must be careful with the contents they watch to avoid the negative influences such aggression linked to exposure to violent video games.

Movie Review Assignment- 300 Words

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