Modelling technique paper writer

Modelling technique paper writer

Modelling technique paper writer

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Modelling technique involves the additive art making process. The common materials used in the process include clay and plaster. The current project involves modelling a human sculpture using clay. Art is used as a tool to express admirable values in the society and condemn the vices. Therefore, the current project aims at exemplifying the values in Martin Luther King by created his model using clay. The materials required for the project will be mainly wet clay, metal and wood for shaping the desired objects. The artist’s hand will be used as the major tools in the creation process.

The additive process involves adding, combination and build-up of the materials for a core of an armature as illustrated in the reading text (Frank, Patrick, et al. 11). Therefore, using the approach, the first step will involve identifying the shape and appearance of the personality to be modelled. Subsequently, using the clay materials and the hands as tool, the head will be created and then the body, legs and hands. The body components will be piled on each other accordingly until the full shape is achieved (Abdulhameed, Osama, et al. 3). The modelling part will give the rough artwork depicting the appearance of the personality in this case. However, getting a refined image will involve reshaping and adjusting the connection between the different parts in 3-D using the metal or wood. The created sculpture will then be left to dry up.

Below is a sample of the clay and metal used for modelling

Modelling technique paper writerModelling technique paper writer

Fig. The clay and metal used in the additive art creation process.

Caution was taken during the modelling to modify the image before it dries up with a few furnishing done on the dried sculpture.


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