Letter of Intent for Maters Degree

Introduction: Letter of Intent for Maters Degree

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The global technological advancement, there are greater opportunities to make significant progresses in the application of information technology in business operations. Currently, I am a senior at high school and will be attending Tuskegee University and major in computer science. Furthermore, I will seek internship opportunities with the major computer companies in the region. The internship opportunity will acquaint me with the necessary skills for professional practice. While the role of computer science has become very significant in the business field and other areas; cybercrime is a major threat and drawback to the progress. As a result, companies have to develop effective back-up and security systems that will guarantee continuous operation. The internship opportunity will help in mastering of the dynamics in the computer science operation and security development. Having the experience will make it easier for me to get a job with my degree. I am certified in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word and this essential as a basic knowledge for programming.

Personal Plan and Academic Course: Letter of Intent for Maters Degree

I plan to own a computer software program in the future. Therefore, my professional develop line will mainly focus on the computer programming and security protocols. Being a good computer programmer requires high level of creativity and detail orientation. I will focus mainly on developing applications that can improve people’s experiences on earth such as health promotion applications.

Other than pursuing the course in Computer Science, I have received various awards and honors. I am in the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and The National Society of High School Scholars. Besides, I won the Homecoming Prince 10th and 11th grade. Also, I took the crown as Homecoming King in my 12th grade year. The other honors and crowns earned include Mr. Upward Bound from Talladega College, and the cosmetology hair competition since my 9th grade in 2016.

Previous Accomplishments: Letter of Intent for Maters Degree

I am the president of the Talladega Kappa League where we participate in community service events such as church events, and food drives. In addition, we use the opportunity to empower the society economically by offering simple financial management trainings to the youths. One of my goals is to empower the society economically and this is achieved through the community trainings on different topics such as financial literacy and management. The community services have proved effective considering that many youths have been challenged to engage in economical productive activities. In future, I purpose to develop a foundation that would support the needy people in our community. Therefore, the current community service programs equips me with the required knowledge and expertise to manage the charity foundation in the future. Besides, I also serve in the community as an ambassador with the chamber of commerce.


The community services, internship experience and the skis acquired from the coursework will all work together to help in the realization of the targeted goals. Furthermore, working with other leaders in the computer science field will give me an exposure and skills on how to address the emerging challenges and issues in the information technology field.


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