Investigation Design Assignment Biology

Investigation Design Assignment Biology

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Students will engage in scientific practices by designing and conducting an investigation in  response to a provided research question at the end of the course.  To prepare for this, the TA will  lead a discussion about the design of each investigation throughout the semester.  Students may  brainstorm an investigation design together, but each student submits an individually written  assignment to the course website for a grade 

Please fully read the instructions for the format and rubric of this assignment in the file attached

Students can download the simulation used to perform the Investigation Design experiment here:

Investigation Design Instructions and Rubric Your Task: Design an investigation to collect appropriate evidence to answer the guiding question:Why does (or doesn’t)

the frequency of a physical trait change in a rabbit population in differentenvironments? You can approach this question

in many different ways. There are multiple rabbit traits to focus on (fur color, tail length, teeth length) and many different

types of environments you could test (e.g. environments with and without predators, environments with or without food

limitation, environments with predators at the equator or arctic,and many more!). It is your job to determine what would be

appropriate and sufficient evidence to collect to support your answer to the guiding questionabove.

During Labs #10 and #11 you will have time to brainstorm with a classmate about different elements of the investigation

design, but each student will write up the investigation design assignment individually. By the due date on the course

calendar, you will individually submit an assignment in your own words via the Turnitin link under “Investigation Design” on

the main menu. Features of your design may be similar to a classmate’s if you brainstormed together, but the entire

assignment must be written individually and in your own words. Do not write your assignment in the same room asa

classmate and do not share your written assignment witha classmate. Write your procedure where indicated in Lab 12of the

lab manual or bring a copy of your investigation design to lab so that you can conduct your investigation during Lab #12! This assignment is 10% of your grade.Your investigation design must include sufficient detail that your TA could conduct

the same investigation after reading your assignment. You will be graded based on the rubric below. Your investigation design assignment will consist of the four sections outlined below and each section should address the following questions:

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