International Court of Justice Assignment

International Court of Justice Assignment

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International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the major judicial organ in the UN that settles the legal disputes from the states and provide advisory opinions on the legal issues presented by the UN organs and the agencies. The ICJ operates in accordance to the international laws. The court is composed of fifteen judges with high moral standings; this has to be proven before their appointment. Besides, the judges are barred from engaging in political and other administrative functions as a way of protecting their position and reputation in the court matters. Such conditions ensures independence in the court decision making.


On the other hand, while the scope of operation of the court is to create fairness and honourable entity, there are cases where the rulings made have been compromised and biased. The role of international court of justice in the current era is significant; though, the influence of the court has declined due to such incidences of bias especially in issues pertaining to elections, environmental protection and other modern issues.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of the International Court of Justice is hampered by the issues associated with jurisdiction. The ICJ operates both the original and limited appellate jurisdictions. On the other hand, their advisory opinions are considered weaker statements compared to the judgment and this limits the ability the court to make decisions especially when they contradict the initial judgment. There are cases where states fail to abide by the rulings made by the ICJ and this is a serious issue that must be addressed to enhance the effectiveness of the functionality of the ICJ. Therefore, while the structure of the ICJ facilitates unbiased and honourable ruling, there are a few challenges limiting its effectiveness.


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