Intercultural communication for social change

Intercultural communication for social change

Intercultural communication for social change

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Assignment Type:

Article Review




4 pages / 1100 words (Double spacing)

Education Level:



English (US)

Your Deadline:

Oct 14, 17;30 HRS

Assignment Topic:

Intercultural communication for social change


Communications and Media


5 sources required

Citation Style:

APA 7th edition

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Localocentricity mental health and medical poverty in communication about sex work HIV and AIDS among trans women engaged in sex work.pdf

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Oct 11, 09:16

Oct 11, 09:18

Lugo-Ocando J (2020) The changing face of media discourses on poverty in the age of populism and anti-globalisation.pdf

Size: 153.3 Kb

Oct 11, 09:16

Oct 11, 09:18

Social_Change (PART_III_The_Engines_of_Change).pdf

Size: 451.2 Kb

Oct 11, 09:16

Oct 11, 09:18


The assignment’s objective is to engage with the concepts, theories, and communication approaches and the issues that hinder social change and development in areas, such as Health, Education, and Rural Development.

Your task is not to summarize the ideas of each article, but to look at the similarities and differences between the four readings, engage critically with the authors’ ideas, and debate them. While each synthesis review should include four readings, you are not required to use the four readings equally. In other words, you do not need to have 250-300 words for each reading in your synthesis. Assessment of the reading reviews: The evaluation of your post will depend on: (1) The introduction of your synthesis review: I expect that you talk in the introduction about why the readings you chose matter to you, or what makes them important, (2) the similarities, differences, or discrepancies between readings’ ideas, (3) the argument you make and how you support it, (4) your critical engagement with the readings (i.e. how many ideas you can debate), (4) the presentation of your ideas: while I do not require a specific form for the presentation of your ideas, I expect that you do not jump between ideas or go back and forth, (5) the scholarly resources you use to support your argument (6) the clarity of your writing (a. the flow of information, b. grammar and punctuation, and c. APA style.)

Intercultural communication for social change

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