Informatic Competency in Nursing Care

Informatic Competency in Nursing Care- 300 word essay

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Informatics Competency

The informatics competency focuses on data management and encryption, a process that ensures proper utilization and handling of the hospital data. Additionally, the competency also involves the communication and integration of the data from different units in the healthcare institution. The Healthcare system is dynamic and requires continuous quality improvement processes to ensure patients’ needs are addressed adequately. Informatics facilitates communication between the various departments in the hospital, and this is achieved through an integrated electronic health record system (Foster & Sethares, 2017). The EHR system supplies the care providers with updates information in real-time, and so fastens the patients’ management and treatment process. Secondly, informatics also helps in reducing errors associated. For example, data management officers can use the data to identify the sources of errors such as prescription or drug dispensing and provide guidelines on how to address the concern.

Furthermore, informatics helps in the management of knowledge and information. The data collected in the hospital is used in analyzing key performance indicators and the areas to improve. The competency thus emphasizes on the need to document and store data correctly for future use. Similarly, knowledge from data interpretation helps in the decision-making process. A healthcare organization can assess its performance levels and progress by analyzing the trends in data such as readmission cases, medical negligence, and errors, among others (Foster & Sethares, 2017).

As a nurse, the element of communication and decision-making is important for clinical practice. In our unit, we relied on data integration to coordinate and streamline the patients’ treatment process. Besides, the collected data helped in evidence-based practice development and decision-making. Communication reduces errors and misunderstandings in the care delivery process. Informatics has been used to improve communication and decision-making through the integrated health record system and the data analysis that provides insights into the organization’s performance and guide decision-making.

Finally, according to the IOM competency, informatics can help improve the nursing care areas by enhancing the data-based quality analysis and improvement processes.

References for Informatic Competency in Nursing Care

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