Impact Of Domestic Violence on Academic Violence

Impact Of Domestic Violence on Academic Violence

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Addressing issues related to violence during childhood presents several challenges to countries that aim to improve childhood development conditions. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim at reducing, preventing, and eliminating all forms of violence in all societal setups (Heise et al., 2018). As children grow, they have limited choice to the context in which they learn about life. The family, neighborhood, and school have certain characteristics that contribute to the child’s development of competence but can also lead to adjustment problems (Duke, 2020). Each context provides unique risk factors and since it is difficult for these contexts to operate in isolation, scholars such as Lanza et al. (2010) note that research should employ an ecological/holistic approach when the interest is to explore the child’s future adjustment problems. Exposure to violence during childhood has been shown to affect the child’s health and well-being irrespective of the geographical location of the study (Potter et al., 2021). However, the impact of exposure to violence during childhood on education achievement has been poorly explored and the role of personality in buffering to children exposed to violence during childhood has not been incorporated in earlier studies. In this study, the focus was to explore the impacts of domestic violence on academic achievement and the role of personality in buffering (Kiesel et al., 2016). In this, a multivariate approach is taken in which the children’s academic achievement in the future is explored concerning the social context of their family as it relates to domestic violence and personality buffering. This study is conducted in Saudi Arabia. In this research, the critical question is: How does domestic violence impact academic achievement, and what role does personality have in buffering?


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