Hypothesis Testing Assignment

Hypothesis Testing Assignment

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*The following are scores for an algebra test which was taken by 7 students before and after attending an algebra review seminar. Assuming that the population of differences is normal, Test the claim at 1% significance that the algebra review is effective in raising students’ average test score. Before 75 62 81 58 90 73 69 After 79 67 82 61 89 76 75

(b) Construct a 98% significance level confidence interval. Show all steps.

(c) Draw a number line and place the confidence interval on the number line. Use this graph to decide whether this indicates that the algebra review has helped or whether the review has had no effect on grades. Write a sentence to explain your decision.

*A politician’s approval rating was 60%, but now a new poll has been conducted consisting of 850 voters, and of these, 534 approvals were given. Build a 95% significance level confidence interval. Then place this interval on a number line and use this graph to explain whether the old 60% approval rating is still true or whether the approval rating has now changed. Write a sentence to explain your decision.

Hypothesis Testing Assignment

*(a) Find the amount of variation in the CAT scan measurements that can be explained by the tumor mass and write a short sentence that explains this result. (8 points) (b) At 6% significance, test the claim that the data exhibit linear correlation. Complete a hypothesis test between CAT scan measurements and tumor mass. Include every variable and all work that is important to make this decision. (20 points) Describe what should be done to complete the requirement check. Hypothesis statements Test statistic and p-value conclusion 3 (c) Write the regression model for this data. Use correct notation. (6 points) (d) Make a best prediction for tumor mass for a CAT scan measurement of 25mm and then write a sentence that explains what this prediction tells us. (12 points) (e) Build a 92% confidence interval for the population model for the sample from page 2. (8 points)

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