Human Resource Frame Assignment

Human Resource Frame Assignment

Human Resource Frame Assignment

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Overview of the Frame

According to Bolman, the human resource values people in an organization and recognizes their contribution to the organization’s development. Effective human resource management is key to organization’s success. The frame requires that organizations serve human needs first before focusing on generating profit. Additionally, the frame emphasizes the energization and motivation of the human resource as a way of promoting productivity. Bolman also asserts that organizations and people need one another; the organization provides people with the resources for production while people give their input to ensure successful production. A failure in any of the two results in the breakage in the organization’s performance cycle. Integration of the human needs and the organization’s requirements creates harmony in the operational process. Therefore, the human resource managers must identify the skills and talents of the employees and ensure to give them appropriate roles and responsibilities.

Organizations that understand their employees better and assign them appropriate roles tend to operate efficiently. Besides, involving the employees in the daily operational activities and decision-making creates the sense of value and appreciation and thus propelling them to engage more productive. On the other hand, organizations that give little attention to employee’s welfare are subject to high employees’ turnover, burnout and low productivity. Therefore, in this frame, Bolman emphasizes the importance of rapport between the organization and the employees in promoting high productivity. Creating a good working environment and giving the employees the space to deliver their responsibility is equally important.

I selected the human resource frame because of the great role it plays in determining the level of success in an organization. Nothing can happen in an organization without human resource and that is why this frame is very important. Also, regardless of the available organization’s resource, poor relationship, lack of coordination, incompetency and low energy among the employees would result in poor outcome. Therefore, while other frames are important, the role of human resource is exceedingly significant.

Evidence in the Organizations that Support Human Resource

The benefits associated with effective management of human resource is evident in the University Hospital of Newark. The assessment involved determining the extent to which the organization engages its employees in the daily activities and how the approaches employed affect their productivity. I work with the Infectious Disease department where I help in communication of patients’ isolation in the emergency department. Healthcare system is highly delicate and thus requires close coordination among the professions.

Besides, creating a good working environment influences the healthcare providers to passionately provide care to the patients in the unit. The organization has various programs aimed at motivating employees and ensuring continuous quality improvement. First, the institution provides regular trainings to the employees to ensure that they are equipped with the relevant knowledge on how to deal with patients in the emergency unit. Secondly, the departmental head holds regular meetings with the employees to review the operational progress and identify possible challenges likely to compromise the quality of care delivered. In the process, the employees have gained confident and feel part of the institution. Besides, the organization’s leaders are ready to identify with the needs of the employees. For instance, I realized that some of the employees undertook part-time classes and this means that their working schedules were made flexible to suit their needs.

Productivity in the healthcare institution is measured based on the key performance indicators including patient’s satisfaction, retention rates and the commitment of the employees to their duties. The interactions and observations in the hospital revealed that the employees were contented with the workplace environment and they were willing to stay longer in the institution. Furthermore, there were limited cases of negligence or burnouts reported among the employees. Patients also reported high level of satisfaction because the healthcare providers gave their best.

Literature Review: Human Resource Frame Assignment 

According to Lata (2017), organizations that seek to operate smoothly and efficiently must motivate its employees. Employees are the heart of any organization and thus must be treated accordingly. Also, a failed human resource management process paralyzes all activities in an organization. Lata (2017) uses the blood and heart analogy to demonstrate why employees play a significant role in organization’s success. Business environment is dynamic and with the emerging global competition, companies have to prove themselves effective enough to provide quality products and services matching consumers’ expectations. One of the operational sustainability measures employed by companies include offering trainings to their employers, seeking and retaining highly talented employees and motivating employees to consistently offer quality work. On the other hand, some companies exploit employees at the expense of making huge profits. Such companies tend to suffer high operational costs in the long run due to high employees’ turnover and poor quality of products and services offered by employees. Lata (2017) argues that motivated employees are valuable assets in organizations that helps in marinating business profitability and growth.

Furthermore, Bellet, De Neve & Ward (2019) explored the correlation between employees’ happiness and work productivity. The human resource frames aims at making the employees’ experience admirable and that is why Bolman calls for organizations to value their people. Bellet, De Neve & Ward (2019) found a causal effect of the workers happiness on the productivity. Happy employees are highly productive than stressed employees; therefore, organizations that seeks to achieve operational sustainability must learn to value their human resource. According to the study findings, creating a good workplace environment made the employees happy and reduced the incidences of absenteeism and sicknesses among the employees. Additionally, happy employees are intrinsically driven to offer their best and thus require minimal supervision. As a result, other than infrastructural developments, companies should seek to equip their employees with the required skills as well as create an environment conducive for them to exploit the skills.

Lorincová, Štarchoň, Weberová, Hitka & Lipoldová (2019) conducted a study to explore the role human resource management in organizational performance and success. The study focused on analyzing how organizations that motive their employees achieve operational sustainability. The results indicated that employees’ performance and ideas promote organization’s success. Properly motivated employees direct their efforts towards improving operational efficiency and enhancing innovation. As a result, companies ought to develop effective motivation strategies based on their employees’ characteristics. The success of a business is influenced by both internal and external factors. Employees are major components of the internal environment in a business with greater impact on the operational efficiency. Companies that support human resource development can easily gather resources to promote infrastructural development; however, companies that neglect human resource may end up even losing the available infrastructural and capital resources. Therefore, the study by Lorincová, Štarchoň, Weberová, Hitka & Lipoldová (2019) encourages organizations to value human resource to achieve efficiency and sustainability.

Viewing Organization from the Human Resource Lane

The need to improve quality of healthcare delivery has increased with the increase in the case of chronic conditions. For instance, the incidences of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other conditions that require palliative care has significantly increased. Therefore, providing the patient-centered care serves as an essentials strategy to improve the patients’ experiences and ensure better outcomes. For instance, healthcare providers are expected to spend good time with the patients to understand the possible underlying factors that could be contributing to their illnesses. The provision of patient-centered care depends entirely on healthcare providers’ motivation and commitment to meeting the needs of the patients. Poor working conditions among the employees in the healthcare sector is directly correlated to burnout and poor care delivery.

Furthermore, healthcare organizations that invest in their employees ensures continuous work flow with minimal interruption since the chances of employees going on strike are minimal. Furthermore, motivated employees will be willing to develop and implement quality improvement measures without coercion from the management team. Various benefits are linked to effective human resource management and that is why it is important to judge a health organization from this lane. A large portion of the healthcare delivery process involves human interactions, the interaction between the patient and healthcare providers. Any factor that makes employees unhappy is likely to compromise the interaction and thus negatively affect the quality of healthcare services patients receive.

Human Resource Frame Assignment



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