Hierarchies Of Life Lab Questions

Hierarchies Of Life Lab Questions

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Hierarchies of Life

Experiment 1: Classification of Common Objects

Data Tables (15 points)

Post-Lab Questions

1. Did you find that the items grouped together as you worked down the flow chart had similar characteristics in terms of their appearance? What about function? (10 points)

A lot of the groups had similar characteristics and function, until I looked deeper into then as I continued down the list of questions. For example, a candle and a Scentsy are similar in function and characteristics, as they both give off pleasant smells. But if you were to ask if they use fire, you’d be able to differentiate the two.

2. Do you feel that the questions asked were appropriate? What questions would you have asked to devise this classification flow chart? What objects would be grouped together with your system? (10 points)

I had to look over the chart a few times and soon made sense of the flow. I found myself conflicted on some of the answers as well, not agreeing with some entirely. For example, I don’t think a hex nut is cylindrical or round. It has sides, similar to pens and pencils where the style if hex like.

3. Do you think it is more or less challenging to classify living organisms in comparison to objects? Why? (10 points)

4. Pick 10 household items (e.g. spoon, book, paper clip, etc.) and design a taxonomic classification system to categorize them, similar to the one in Figure 8. Make sure you ask enough yes/no questions so that each item ends up in its own box or category at the end. (10 points)

Hierarchies Of Life Lab Questions

Experiment 2: Classification of Organisms

Data Tables (10 points)

Table 2: Classification of Organisms

Organism Domain Kingdom Defined Nucleus Mobile Photosynthesis Unicellular
Salmonella Bacteria Genus No Yes Yes Yes
Ants Eukarya Animalia

Yes Yes No No
Zoo Flagellate Eukarya Protozoa Yes Yes No Yes
Wolf Eukarya Animalia Yes Yes No No
Morning Glory Eukarya Plantae Yes No Yes No
Euglena Eukarya Protozoa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shiitake Eukarya Fungi Yes No No No
Pseudomonas Bacteria Bacteria No Yes No Yes
Spruce Eukarya Planta Yes No Yes No
Death Cap Mushroom Eukarya Fungi Yes No No No

Post-Lab Questions

1. Did this series of questions correctly organize each organism? Why or why not? (10 points)

2. Do you feel that the questions asked were appropriate? What questions would you have asked? (10 points)

3. Which kingdom do you believe is most challenging to categorize correctly? Explain your answer (10 points)

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