FNP-690 Fatigue Case Scenario

FNP-690 Fatigue Case Scenario

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FNP-690 Fatigue Case Scenario

Directions: Use the chart below to answer the following questions for this case scenario.

Include a minimum of three scholarly references. Peer-reviewed resources should not be older than 5 years.


62-year-old female comes in for sleep disturbance and fatigue.

  1. What other information would you as the provider need to support or eliminate diagnoses? Think about information you would gather for the Subjective and Objective components.
  2. What are three differential diagnoses?
  3. Provide your clinical rationale for each by utilizing peer-reviewed resources.
  4. How would you manage each of these based on appropriate guidelines (include work-up, medication, monitoring needed, and follow-up?
Differential 1 Differential 2 Differential 3
What information (Subjective and Objective data) do you need to support or eliminate this diagnosis?
Supporting clinical rationale
Plan (Evidence-Based)








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