ERD Diagram – Smart Parking Assignment

ERD Diagram – Smart Parking Assignment

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Key points from yesterday’s meeting with the professor:

– This is the technology the professor is referencing. Each sensor will probably have a composite primary key based on zip code, zone #, and an identifier.

Vehicle Detection Sensors – Smart Parking

– On one hand there is parking data based on active paying accounts / customers by zone. The issue is that it is impossible to determine if parking availability based on paying data is accurate.

– 2 x issues: people park illegally without paying and the county / city could close certain streets for special events / construction.

– Cities / counties can host events or have construction that shut off multiple zones or part of a zone. In this case, the relevant sensor locations will automatically be unavailable. 

– In terms of normal parking, sensor data will cross-reference active paying customer data and determine 1) if any parking is really available and 2) determine number of potential illegal / non-paying parked vehicles. 




For Section 1: We can definitely highlight under the current structure, ParkMobile’s only role in the whole process is essential processing payment. Drivers bear the responsibility of finding out on their own 1) street parking closures and 2) parking (no guidance, random looking). The City / County also are unable to estimate where illegal parking resides. Effective enforcement will ensure ParkMobile actually realizes all the revenue from parked vehicles. Whole premise is for ParkMobile to 1) provide customers accurate availability picture through sensors, not just active payment since that does not cover illegal parking and parking closure 2) identify potential illegal parking to facilitate enforcement and realize all possible revenue 3) reflect events and constructions

ERD Diagram - Smart Parking Assignment


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For Section 2: I think there will be the following tables…hope this helps as a reference for you all working on the ERD. Just some thoughts below:

Zone (Zone ID, Street, City, State, Zip)

Sensor (Sensor ID (composite of zone and unique identifier…), Zone, Status (Yes, No, or Null (represent Error in sensor signal)).

Customer (CustomerID, License Plate, Payment Info…? Credit Card #? Billing Address)

Active Parking (Payment ID (probably a composite of customer ID and sensor ID), payment amount, payment time, expire time)

Closure (ClosureID, zone, closure start date, closure start time, closure end date, closure end time, submitted org, construction (Y/N), event (Y/N))

Maintenance (SensorID, Date Reported, Time Reported, Assigned Tech, Estimated Repair Date, Completion Date, Completion Time)

Vacancy or… Availability.. (Sensor ID, Zone…………………….)

Violation (Sensor ID, ZoneID, Street, City, State, Zip, )


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