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Discussion Board Forum

The instructions for the Discussion Board Forum

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Discussion Board Forum –
Project instructions:
YOu will need to download my kindle reader and view the text books.


Read These:
Duvall & Hays: chs. 6�8, 13
Hindson: chs. 2�5
Hindson & Towns: chs. 4�9

Topic: In the assigned reading related to your Discussion Board Forum, Duvall & Hays discussed the importance of the historical-cultural context (Chapter 5). Throughout the chapter, they identify the key aspects you should consider related to the historical-cultural context when you study Scripture. Pulling specifically from the Duvall & Hays text and synthesizing into your own words, write a 250�300-word response to the 3 prompts below. In addition, in the second part of the first question you are asked, “Do you care to share any examples from your own experience?” based upon what we have learned in the reading. Answer the three prompts in 3 separate paragraphs.
What can happen when people approach the Bible without any concern for the historical-cultural context? Do you care to share any examples from your own experience?
Can you think of an example of the historical-cultural context shedding significant light on the meaning of a biblical text?
For people living in an �instant application� society such as ours, what can persuade them to put forth effort to study the historical-cultural context?

As part of the collaborative learning environment, you are required to interact with your classmates and instructor in 2 Discussion Board Forums.

Each forum is completed in 2 parts over the course of 2 modules/weeks.

In the first week of the forum, you will post a new thread that directly addresses the prompt provided by the instructor. In the subsequent week, you will post 2 meaningful replies to at least 2 classmates� threads.

The instructor will observe online discussions throughout the assigned modules/weeks and may interject his or her comments intermittently. Feel free to respond to the instructor’s comments in addition to the required replies to your classmates� postings. Follow the guidelines provided below as you complete each part of the forums.

� Respond to the questions/ideas that are presented in the instructor�s prompt.
� Summarize any related ideas that are presented in the Duvall and Hays textbook related to the 3 prompts.
� Your thread must be between 250�300 words.

Additional requirements: Number of pages: 1  Number of sources: 1  Citation style: apa  Academic level: collegeyear3  Course name: BIBLical Theology THEO 104  Course level: Junior
Client information: City: Forest  State: Virginia  Country: United States

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