Different motivational theories essay

Different motivational theories essay

Different motivational theories essay

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The three different motivational theories include Maslow hierarchy of needs, McGuires Physiological motives and McClelland’s need for achievement, affiliation and power. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs describes into self-actualization, self-esteem, belongingness and love, safety and security and physiological needs. On the other hand, the McGuires psychological motives states that human’s consumption motives are divided into 16 elements divided into four main categories including cognitive preservation, growth, effective preservation and self-expression  (“3.3 Motivation Theories”). Lastly, the McClelland’s need for achievement, affiliation and power states that human beings understand their motivators with time. Besides, they have three main motivation drivers that include achievement, affiliation and power (“3.3 Motivation Theories”). The theories are still applicable in the current world and are relevant to all industries and genders. Human needs tend to be universal; though, the magnitude may change from one person to another due to exposure.

The three motivations of conflicts include avoidance-avoidance motivation conflict that occur when consumers encounter two equally non-appealing situations. The second type is approach-avoidance conflict which result when consumers are attracted to a product but are barred by the potentially negative motivations resulting from the acquisition of the product. The last type is approach-approach motivational conflict which occurs when consumers encounter two attractive options. I have severally encountered approach-approach motivation conflicts. For example, at one point I was undecided between buying a phone and laptop because they were all attractive; though, I had limited money.

Personality refers to a set of behaviors, emotional and cognition characteristics of an individual. Personality may be affected by both biological and environmental factors. Marketers need to study the personality so that they understand the most suitable and appropriate products for them. The consumption needs tend to vary based on the personality.


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