Develop an answerable PICO question their problem

Any topic (Writer’s choice) The purpose of this assignment is for students to develop an answerable PICO question their problem that will be the focus of your final project. In this assignment, students will use their foreground/background questions and problem statement to now fully describe their problem, create a well-developed PICO question, build a concept table (search strategy), identify inclusion/exclusion criteria of the articles you seek and explain how you will appraise your evidence (rapid critical appraisal)- watch/refresh with this RCA video.

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WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO: Develop an answerable PICO question their problem

1. Review your background and foreground questions assignment and what you developed. Use this info to help develop this assignment. Background Questions 1. What are some of the contributing factors to the nursing shortage? 2. What are the effects of nursing shortage on patients? 3. What are the recommendations to increase the nurse-patient ratio? 4. What is the current state of nurse staffing in healthcare units? Foreground questions 1. Does nurse staffing likely to lead to improved patient care? 2. Does an increase in nurse staffing lead to improved health outcomes? 3. How does the low staffing rate affect the rate of health outcomes in a nursing home? 4. What are the benefits of improved nurse staffing to the patient? PICO Question Compared to low staffing in the nursing home setting, does increasing nurse staffing improve the health outcomes of nursing home patients on day 7 of hospitalization?

2. Now, Review this PICO question information (this is a quick review of PICO)

3. Review the John Hopkins form attached and then answer questions 1-9 on the form.

4. Make sure to review the 2nd page of Johns Hopkins EBP Question Development Tool for further explanations of how to answer Q 1-9.

5. You can write in the form or re-type the questions/answers in Word. Much of this information for this assignment can be in bulleted format other than the first few paragraphs.

6) Do a concept table as illustrated in this video. Put your PICO question above the concept table.

7) Please also answer these questions:

a) What type of PICO your question is – diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, etiology/harm, or prevention question?

b) What type of study designs will you try to find to answer the question? (Review this quick view info on study designs in this Module)

c) List your Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria (review the video for how to decide this).

d) How will you appraise your studies? hint – How to conduct a rapid critical appraisal

8). Now, Submit: a). John Hopkins form, b). concept table, c). answers to Q7 and d). your inclusion/exclusion list in MS Word by the deadline

Develop an answerable PICO question their problem


Develop an answerable PICO question their problemDevelop an answerable PICO question their problemDevelop an answerable PICO question their problem

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