Deinstitutionalization Movement

Deinstitutionalization Movement

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View the two videos linked below then answer the discussion question provided.

From the timeline, you are aware that in the 1960s it was decided that the mentally ill should be provided care/treatment in their communities. This video will explain this process in greater detail.

Deinstitutionalization Movement

This is another segment of the same movie, explaining how communities in the different states were unable to meet client needs. As a result, many became homeless at that time, and many with a mental health disorder are homeless today.

The Homeless Mentally Ill

HSCI 460: Research in Health and Human Sciences

Assignment Two: Identification of Study Variables (20 points)


For each of the following studies (Study One & Study Two): state a reasonable research question based on the study description, identify the Independent variable(s), Dependent variable and its Level of measurement, and one Controlled variable. You are given an example of the information being sought.

Study One (10 points)

You are interested in look at the effects of strengthening exercise in adults with Down’s Syndrome. You randomly select twenty subjects (age range 19 – 35 years) from an adult workshop group. You measure the strength of the elbow flexors in pounds using a dynamometer prior to the start of an eight-week resistance training program. At the end of the eight weeks, you again test the strength of the elbow flexors.

Research question: What are the effects of strengthening exercise in adults with down syndrome as measured using by strength of the elbow flexors?

Independent variable: this is the variable changed by the researcher. The independent variable for this study is the exercise assuming either of the values exercise done or not done.

Dependent variable: these are the variables being tested in a study. The dependent variable is the strength of the elbow flexors of the adults measured in pounds.

Level of measurement: Ratio.

Controlled variables: One controlled variables for this study is age (specified age range of 19 to 35 years)

Study Two (10 points)

You are interested in evaluating the effectiveness of three different education programs on caffeine consumption in young adults, age 18 – 24 years, who report that they drink at least one cup of coffee per day. You have a volunteer group of 30 subjects, and randomly assign each to one of the three education programs. Immediately after completion of the study, you determine how many have changed their consumption of caffeine (measured as change/no change). You re-interview the participants six months after completion of the program to determine if there has been a change in drinking habits.

Research question: Are education programs on caffeine consumption in young adults effective as measured by the change in consumption of caffeine?

The independent variables are the basis for comparisons. In this study the independent variable is the education program – assuming either of the two values; attended or not attended.

Dependent variable: The dependent variables are the measures of outcome. The dependent variable in this study is the caffeine consumption which is measured as change or no change.

Level of measurement: Ordinal

Controlled variable: One of the controlled variables for this study is age (specified age range of between 18 to 24 years), means to evaluate change (interview).


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