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As a member of the IT team, you have been asked to create a decision table for a new hiring policy for the tech support group. Using your decision table, a programmer will develop the code and update the human resources information system. This is the new hiring policy: To apply for a position in tech support, you must have at least two years of college and at least two years of relevant experience. However, if you meet either one of the requirements, and you pass the entrance exam with a score of 95 or higher, the other requirement will be waived.Apply Your SkillsA. How many conditions does this policy contain, and what are they? B. Create an initial decision table that shows all possible rules. C. Simplify the table, if possible, by eliminating redundant rules. Explain your reasoningThere are three conditions contained in this policy. They are as follows.

I have Prototyped in our organization the functionality of HR integration
with GRC Access control during hiring and firing process.

The process working absolutely fine but there is a small change in business requirements,
the business requesting to have only staff employees to be created through GRC
workflow in backend systems but all NON-staff not to be created.


To achieve this I need to modify the BRF+ HR trigger Application I have
element data object with DDIC element name PERSG and activated.

When I try to insert column in decision table with above data object element
unable to add it as the above data element not sown, I also try to modify the structure table but unable to modify as it’s under
binding condition binding table name is GRAC_S_HR_TRIGGER_BRFP where when I
checked in the backend through SE11 the data type doesn’t contain data element PERSG?

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