CRM 322 Brief Project 3

CRM 322 Brief Project 3

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Measuring Variables

Be sure to do the textbook reading and review the presentations in Module 3 before tackling this project.

Read the research study by Oswald et al. (2020) and then answer the following questions in this worksheet.  Be sure to answer the questions in full sentences and explain your responses clearly. Remember to proofread your work before uploading it.


Be sure to cite the study in APA format when you answer each question.

  • Upload your completed worksheet by 5pm on 10/3.
1) After reading through the literature review, summarize the 3-4 most important pieces of prior research that justify their hypothesis.  In other words, what prior research findings have led them to make their hypothesis?





2) Which 2 of the 5 purposes of research (exploratory; explanatory, etc.) best match this study? Be sure to carefully justify your answer.







3) What was the independent variable in the study? b) How was it operationalized? Be specific.









4) What were the dependent variables in the study? b) How was each variable operationalized and what was its level of measurement?







5) If you could have changed how the researcher’s operationalized one of their variables, which one would it be and how would you change it for the better?







6) Based on the findings of the study, what kinds of treatment issues should be addressed in men arrested for repeatedly sending unwanted “dick pics”? In your opinion, what kind of penalties are appropriate for this kind of individual?






Oswald et al (2020) (1)



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