Computer Assignment2 Comparing means

Computer Assignment2 Comparing means: This assignment will give you practice choosing the appropriate test statistic to use for different research questions that all involve comparing means using t-tests.  Data that will be used are all on Bb or on the server K:\Data\Psych248\Amber\Week 10.  You will need to organize data properly (by row vs. by column), run the proper analysis to test each hypothesis, answer the questions, and write a conclusion for each stating whether or not the samples differed significantly. To run all 3 types of t-test click under ANALYZE, COMPARE MEANS, then select the type and the variables. Turn in these four pages completed t

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Study 1. Directed Reading Activities: Computer Assignment2 Comparing means

Open reading.xlsx.

This data set provides reading performance of two groups of pupils – one control group that was NOT given Directed Reading Activities and one group that was given Directed Reading Activities (Moore et al., 2012, p.432). We will compare two groups of students with the aim of testing whether the Directed Reading Activities can enhance the performance of pupils on Degree of Reading Power Test.

Computer Assignment2 Comparing means

id – participant ID number

g – Experimental group indicator expressed as a binary variable (0=Directed Reading Activities, 1=control group)

drp – the performance on Degree of Reading Power Test.


Based on the research goal, answer question below:

  1. Proper test statistic:_______________________________________


  1. Identify the:

Indep.variable: __ ___

Dep.variable: ______ __

  1. State hypotheses in words:



  1. Perform the proper t-test using SPSS. Also create a boxplot showing Degree of Reading Power Test for both experimental and control group. Paste the output including the boxplot below and on it circle the t-value, mean difference & standard error of the mean.
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