Community Assessment at Downtown Waukegan

Community Assessment at Downtown Waukegan

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Downtown Waukegan: Community Assessment at Downtown Waukegan 

Wahegan is located in Lake County in Illinois and is located about 8 miles south of the Wisconsin. The city has an estimated population of 89,078 as per the U.S 2010 census data. The population is mainly composed of the Latinos. The estimated population growth in 2010 in reference to the 2000 data was about 9%. A significant growth was evident among the Latinos whose population moved from 1.5 million to 2 million. In terms of racial composition, the population is divided into Hispanics, whites, blacks, Asians and others with the estimated population percentages being 55%, 21%, 18%, 4% and 2% respectively (“Waukegan, IL.” n.d).

Age Characteristics

Majority of the people in the community are aged between 25 and 54 years; however, the population of the people aged 65 years and above is also significant. The age characteristics of a population is a key parameter used in measuring the life expectancy and birth rates among others. Cumulatively, the proportion of the people aged 14 years and below is 25% while the proportion of the people aged 55 years and above is 17% (“Waukegan, IL.” n.d). About 8% of the population are aged 65 years and above. The medium age for the community is 31.5 years.

Education Level: Community Assessment at Downtown Waukegan 

More than a quarter of the populations in the community did not acquire education beyond the high school level. However, it seems that majority of the population are educated with 27% having a high school equivalent education and 18% having gone to college. Cumulatively, only 31% of the population did not reach high school. The population of people with bachelor’s and master’s degree is estimated at 15%.


The average salary for male and female in the community is $71,579 and $52,403 per annum respectively. The data shows a significant disparity in wage characteristics for the two genders. Majority of the men work on full-time basis unlike women who work on part-time basis. The income inequality in 2017 was 0.483% and this was a significant increment compared to 0.351% in 2016. Therefore, unequal wage distribution is one of the evident problems from the community assessment. The employment rate grew by 1.21% in 2017 with majority of the populations working in the production sector, office administration and sales related jobs (“Waukegan, IL.” n.d).

Poverty Level

A total of 17.8% of the populations in Downtown Waukegan live below the poverty level; this is higher compared to the national average value of 13.1% (“Waukegan, IL.” n.d). Majority of the people living in poverty are aged between 18 and 34. Furthermore, the poverty in the region may be characterized by race and ethnicity. The largest race/ethnic group living in poverty is Hispanic followed by the whites and blacks.

Most problem in the community

Obesity is the leading health problem in the Downtown Waukegan followed by mental health and drug and substance abuse issues. The prevalence rate for obesity in the region is estimated at 29.5% (Health Data Profiles. n.d.). Furthermore, adults in the region are a higher risk of developing obesity and the associated complications compared to the young populations.


The dominant religion in the community is Christianity. About 70% of the populations are Christians dominate by the evangelical Protestants. Other than Christianity, the other religions include Jewish, Buddhism, Islam and atheists (Adults in Illinois – Religion in America: U.S. Religious Data, Demographics and Statistics. n.d.).

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Community Assessment at Downtown Waukegan

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