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0 Summary of Loading (2).pdf [MATERIAL] Client: it has information about the structure of the referal coursework 1.a Annotated STAD215 Coursework Brief 2020-21 (6)(1).pdf [MATERIAL] Client: and this one please it helps on the strucrure3 One page design summary (7).docx [MATERIAL] Client: and this one please it helps on the strucrure 3. One page design summary (7).docx [MATERIAL] Client: i just want the writer to include the summary of loading (the file of calculation to my assignement), the design process file and the Masterseries..thank you this coursework uses Masterseries program It is very crucial for be because if I dont pass the coursework I have to be withrdrawed from the university. Be careful, this referred coursework depents on a coursework in the help-files Be carefamuul with the harvard system.


CW3 is an individual report task that needs to be submitted online. Each student must
generate this report independently. Clarity of report will be considered during the
marking process.
Expected report structure:
Briefly outline your task, key design choices and findings
1. Design methodology
Should contain values for key design outputs, a screenshot for each of the Excel file
tabs e.g. summary, powerscrew, gears I, gears II, Shafts, bearings (6 screenshots in
5. Screenshots of final design (up to 2 pages)
7. References
   power screw  Input F orce200N Types Of ThreadACME Material module of elasticity ( E)70320000000GpaMaterial  yield stress579150000MPaThread multiple pitch lead number,  n =2 Pitch ( P)4.23mmthread turns per inch3 Root Dia ( dr)20mmLength of power screw200mmF – Euler76.04437396N f ( coefficient of friction)0.1 mean dia ( dm)7.885mmTR ( raising torque)217.2754764NmmTL ( lowering torque)134.7133758Nmme ( efficieny)0.620011876 σx4.517323937Paσz-0.24203822Paτyz0.085804698Paσ΄4.416967568PaFOS131119368.9

Depending on the board of nursing in your state, there may be additional requirements to become a prescriber after you complete your APRN program.

Describe the necessary steps required, for the state Florida , in order to become a prescriber? After you have completed these steps, you decide to celebrate on a family vacation in a different state. Your sister asks you to refill her levothyroxine because she forgot to pack her medication. What are the legal and ethical implications as a new prescriber to consider in this situation?


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