Case Study 3: Exley Chemical Company Essay Help

Case Study 3: Exley Chemical Company Essay Help

Case Study 3: Exley Chemical Company Essay Help

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Case Study 3: Exley Chemical Company

The Exley Chemical Company has been experiencing both micro and macro and macro-environmental challenges. This case analysis gives an insight into the challenges that the company is experiencing. The case gives an independent view of the observed challenges at both levels, that is, internal and external, the origins of the problems, the affected systems in the company, alternatives to solve the challenges, and finally, the recommendations. The macro-level challenges faced are operational conflicts within critical sectors of the company. For instance, the department that deals with product development division started conducting pilot marketing programs that led to conflict with the marketing department. Another challenge is decreasing in sales and profits of the company. The company has been registering low sales turnover in the past few years and diminishing profits, especially in chemical products. There is poor companies’ operations coordination. The structure of the company is not suitable, and in the company, there is less consistency of commanding. In the micro sector, there is less coordination in the marketing and latest commodity development departments. The product management experiences marketing challenges, and he has been quarreling with the marketing division. The product manager has failed to coordinate department activities (Harvey & Brown, 1996). The company has been experiencing challenges in coming up with a group perception in the departments.

The primary origins of the arising problems in the company are due to the execution of distinct division that handles commodity development. This has caused confusion and conflicts with the previously existing divisions. The division that handles new products has chosen to handle all the tasks concerning the new product, including marketing, instead of passing the related responsibilities to the relevant divisions. The calculations inconsistency to estimate sales has not focused on the company’s market share but total share in the market. This has misinformed the production department. The rivalry is caused by the independence of the new division from other divisions. The company is not clearly informed of its consumers’ thoughts and ideas towards their products. Too many organizational levels led to too many heads of departments. This left the company with ineffective communication.

The company’s systems have been affected and need urgent action. The structure of the company has been influenced, especially its unity and cooperation. There is a need to investigate the reason why leadership is not getting the tasks completed accordingly. Then it will be easy to solve the problems. The management team needs to team up and ensure that the tasks are performed effectively. There is competition among the various divisions that have affected the market psychology and strain in the departments. The limitless functioning of the departments has caused this. The departments need to be more open and share ideas and do their assigned parts to avoid conflicts. There is also ineffective communication between marketing and commodity development departments. This is because the databanks are not modernized on the advancement of the stopped developments. This has inconvenienced marketing. There is a need for the company to have fast replying systems to emails promptly for regular feedback. Each individual in the company has to have a goal for production maximization.

In conclusion, there is an alternative solution to everything. The company can opt to motivate its employees. Unmotivated employees may have caused a lack of communication and ineffective production. The company needs to dissolve the product development division to do away with departmental rivalry and competition. This idea could be hard since the company spent a lot of money coming up with the department, but the decision could heal the company. Finally, the company should re-examine the organizational hierarchy and the departments that deal with development. This is a step that would lead to low competition and motivation of employees to work freely, sharing the goals of the company.

Reference: Case Study 3: Exley Chemical Company Essay Help

Harvey, D., & Brown, D. R. (1996). An experimental approach to organization development. Prentice-Hall.

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