Case Studies on Child Neglect

Case Studies on Child Neglect

Case Studies on Child Neglect

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As evident in the case, child neglect refers to the failure of the parent to meet a child’s basic needs such as physical, emotional, educational and medical needs. However, there are cases where parents are constrained by uncontrollable factors; in such case, they cannot be charged with child neglect. Therefore, I think the definition in the case is biased. As in the case of Will and Mark, the parents are guilty of physical child neglect since the parents did not take an initiative of ensuring that their son bathes and giving him the food. There is adequate description to support the physical neglect claim.

Case 2

The fact that a parent cannot provide basic needs to their children does not automatically make them guilty of child neglect. For instance, how would one describe parents living with their children in refugee camps where they cannot access the basic necessities? I agree with the description provided on the category of child neglect evident in the ‘‘where are the parents?’’ case; however, there are elements missing in the definition part. Additionally, it is true that long term child neglect may affect the child’s mental health as described in the text. Therefore, despite punishing Mark and Willi’s parents, providing psychotherapy is equally essential.

Case 3

The case provides an elaborative definition of child neglect; the act can be perpetrated by either parents or the caregivers. Parents and caregivers are obliged to ensure their children are well physically, emotionally and psychologically. Furthermore, the case describes the risk factors of child neglect; therefore, the types of child neglects tend to vary from one setting to another. Additionally, I agree that childhood neglect experiences affect adulthood life and the fact is strongly supported by the outside sources used in the case.

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