BSC1005L Due Tomorrow Morning

BSC1005L Due Tomorrow Morning

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This assignment is designed to encourage students to apply the concepts they learn in class to other topics beyond the scope of the course. Pick one of the two options listed below, and delve further into that topic by researching and writing a short research paper (minimum of 750 words, excluding references) in response to specific prompts. All questions must be addressed completely for full credit. Plan to use multiple resources to find evidence supporting your ideas and responses.

BSC1005L Due Tomorrow Morning

Neurological Disease

Research a neurological disease that interests you and write a short paper (minimum of 750 words,

excluding references) in your own words that addresses each of the following guiding questions.

1. What disease did you choose and why are you interested in this disease? 2. What are the individual symptoms of the disease, and what body systems does the disease

affect to elicit these symptoms? 3. Does this disease illustrate how certain body systems are interconnected? How so? 4. What are the causes of the disease, if they are known? If not known, what research is being

conducted to find out? 5. Describe at least two possible treatments or recommendations for reducing susceptibility to or

the effects of this neurological disease. 6. How have your experiences in BSC1005L supported your understanding of the structure and

function of the nervous system and neurological diseases?

*Be sure your paper is organized with appropriate paragraphing and headings. This should read as a cohesive paper, NOT a list of answers to these questions. Proofread your paper and remember to cite all sources both with in-text citations and a works cited using MLA format.

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