BS Nursing Project Paper

BS Nursing Project Paper My project topic is “Teaching Strategies to Improve Treatment Compliance in Mental Health Outpatient.”

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Clinical practice is the area I choose for this class. I will be doing my clinical at Family Service League in Huntington NY. I will be experiencing this leadership role with a preceptor who is one of the Nurse Practitioner in the mental health department of Family Service League.

My Plan. What I would like to write about will include:

1)Physical examination of patient, recognizing/assessing patient needs, Cultural practices assessment – to know how the patient use their medications and potential factors affecting adherence.

2). Improving training/education among mental health workers that will help to gain skill needed to work with mental health outpatient.

BS Nursing Project Paper

3). Patient/ family teaching.

The paper will have 4 chapters. Chapter 1; introduces the clinical setting and describes the project that I intend to complete. Chapter 2; requires identification of the regulatory agency and standards that relate to the project. Chapter 3; will evaluates the professional contributions of my preceptor’s role to the organization. Chapter 4; summarizes the project and requires the application of a nursing theory.

Detail for each section were as follows: –

 Chapter 1 is titled: Proposal for Clinical Placement and Project Assignment

 Chapter 2 is titled: Regulatory Standards in Health Care

 Chapter 3 is titled: Professional Contributions

 Chapter 4 is titled: Application of Nursing Theory and Project Summary

The paper should be 8-12 pages, exclusive of the title and reference pages. use proper APA format. The Paper should be composed with the following elements:

Family Service League (FSL) is a Long Island non-profit human service organization providing a safety net for people in need. Established in 1926, FSL provides both physical and emotional aid to Long Island’s most vulnerable citizens, giving them hope, and an opportunity to address their problems and better their lives. FSL operates more than 60 programs at 21+ locations throughout Suffolk County; giving seniors companionship and purpose, providing hope and protection for the homeless, allays the fears and desperation of young adults consumed by addiction or mental illness, and offer nourishment and shelter to the working poor facing insurmountable financial burdens, most importantly, striving to keep vulnerable families strong and supported by enabling fragile families to take advantage of multiple, integrated services in a more efficient and cohesive way. As a Psych Nurse that has worked few years in an inpatient long-term psychiatric hospital, I have seen many patients come back to be readmitted few days after been well managed and discharge due to noncompliance with their outpatient medication/treatment. Doing a clinical in an outpatient gives the opportunity to develop a strategy that will help outpatient to improve compliance to medication & treatment, thereby reduces readmission.

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