Block-Chain Technology

Block-Chain Technology

The Block-Chain Technology app is meant to facilitate the supply chain processes and minimize the associated costs. The international shipping transports more than 90% of the global trade and this means that the app must be able to accommodate huge data and despite having an easy to use interface. The first component in the interface design is privacy. Current, the world is under threat of cybercrime and thus, the app may not be an exception. Disclosure of an individual’s location can easily compromise their privacy; on the other hand, the blockchain app may request for the location details to facilitate the delivery of location-based services. The app’s interface will be designed with security and privacy setting options where the user will have crude control of their privacy details. For instance, they may set ‘‘share all’’ or ‘‘share nothing’’ as well define the people to access their data. The user interface will notify the users on the state of their location data sharing and allow them to adjust the settings based on their preferences.

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The other security component in the Block-Chain Technology app development will be permission. Permission defines who can access given information from app. Therefore, permission will be integrated in the app’s code so that the users can toggle it on or off depending on their preference. Considerations have to be made to ensure easy to use of the app by the targeted populations. The interface will be designed in a simple manner that do not require technical expertise to operate. The app will request for permission before one can access the system. The permission element will ensure that only authorized personnel can transact in the app. Besides, the activities of people can be traced through the app thus making it easy to control the transactions and respond to them accordingly. The app will send the request in a modal dialog form to ask the user to give access or deny. The permission prompt will ensure assure the users that the app will not maliciously access their resources.

The Block-Chain Technology  app will use bitcoin currency and this means that the payments of good and services in the chain will be through bitcoin. The system in the bitcoin network have to race in the verification of the transactions. One critical factor in the interface design is promoting efficiency, security and reliability. With the interface, the users will choose the type of transactions; for example, they will select the payments, tax and whether to confirm the pay or not.

Finally, scalability refers to the ability of the app to handle the increasing number of consumers. The number of users of the app are expected to increase and this means that the app should be flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs. In case the app is not scalable, then one may be forced to scramble it down and make the additional changes and information. On the other hand, the scalability may imply the ability to adjust the sizes of the data presented on the interface. Therefore, the components will be set in a horizontal rows instead of the menu list to allow vertical scalability. The needs for the app may change from time to time; however, before the app is deployed, considerations through extensive research will be conducted to ensure that all the required components are integrated in the system.


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