Research & Analysis of Business Problems

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BA 301 – Research & Analysis of Business Problems


  • Listed below are 3 example problem statements. For each one, describe whether the problem statement meets the criteria for a good problem statement that we discussed in class.  If the statement is not a good problem statement, describe why specifically and re-state it so that it would be a good problem statement (if you have to make up some information for this, that’s okay).

This is a bad problem statement because it is not concise and measurable.

  • As a result of their poor safety record, Beta Trucking Company is losing customers. Since 2017 Beta’s market share in the long haul trucking industry has fallen from 18.1% to 14.7%.

A good problem statement because it is specific and objective

Bad problem since it results in the loss of revenue generated by the company.

  • Employee turnover at Sigma Inc. has increased from 12% to 22% over the last three years and the company needs to improve its hiring practices to stop making poor hiring decisions.

A good statement problem because it is specific and measurable


  • Now that you have completed significant research on your company and are prepared to write your Situation Analysis, you should have a good overall perspective on your chosen company.

Research & Analysis of Business Problems

The three symptoms present in the Best Buy Company’s case include failure to meet the targeted revenue generation. The company expected to raise revenue of $9.56 billion; however, they only manage to raise $9.54 billion. Similarly, the income generated in August was $238 million which was lower than the value recorded in the previous year ($244 million). …………..

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