Australian Accounting Assignment

Australian Accounting Assignment

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMISSION OF Australian Accounting Assignment 

  1. The Assignment criteria have been made available in Blackboard under the Unit Resources tab in the Assignment folder.
  2. The assignment that you are submitting will be marked in accordance to the rubrics criteria that is available in Blackboard. The criteria used are in line with the requirements of the Assignment pack. For example, the criterion of Database, files and fields requires you to use any relational database management system (RDBMS) to construct database, files and fields. Failure to use RDBMS will result in the tutor marking your assignment consider the “Very Poor Effort: 0-20

    ” column. Marks up to 8 will also depend on the other criteria stated in that cell. This is an example where the use of a RDBMS is very important in meeting the unit’s objective.

  3. All students are required to submit their assignments via Turnitin. A Turnitin assessment with the title “Assignment ” has been created under the Assessments folder.

Please follow the steps indicated in Turnitin when you submit your Assignment. The following are instructions that you need to comply with:

  1. Select “Single file upload”.
  2. Submission Title should be “Assignment”
  3. The MS Wordfile submitted should be named as “Tutor’s Name_Student ID_Student Name”. For example, “Vincent_12345678_JoeBlogg”.
  4. Please DO NOT submit any later than 5pm on 23rd May 2014 in which case marks equivalent to 10% to the total allocated for the assignment will be deducted from the marked value for every day that the assignment is late.
  5. Please DO NOT include theassignment question in your MS Word file that will be submitted via Turnitin. Only the answers to the assignment question should be included in the MS Word
  6. You will only be given ONE attempt to submit your assignment via Turnitin.

Good luck with your assignment and should you have any further queries, please contact your respective tutor or myself.

Kind Regards, Vincent Chang

Australian Accounting Assignment

Australian Accounting Assignment : Assignment Cover Sheet

Technical Report


Accounting Systems 204


Due: Week 10 of semester (please refer to the unit outline, lecture and BB announcement for more details).


Name of Tutor: Tutorial day / Tutorial Time:


Family Name / Surname: Other Names: Student ID:






Table of Contents

1.0       Introduction. 1

2.0        The organisation. 1

2.1        Background information. 1

2.2        Key goals needed. 1

2.3        Identification and assessment of risks relating to above goals. 1

3.0        Business cycles. 1

3.1        Revenue cycle. 1

4.0        Database and file structure. 2

5.0        Screens and Reports. 2

6.0        Controls to mitigate risks & Residual risks identification. 2

7.0        Appendices – File relationships and file structure, entry screens, and reports. 2

8.0        Reference List 3


1.0     Introduction

Provide a very brief introduction to the technical report.  State the purpose of the report (WHY you’re writing it) and a brief description of the plan or structure of the report so that the reader knows what to expect.

2.0   The organisation

Provide a short paragraph that briefly introduces the organisation relating to industry given by your tutor.

2.1  Background information

State the core business/es of your organisation as well as its vision and mission.

2.2      Key goals needed for the Australian Accounting Assignment

Identify the key goals the organisation should have in order to achieve its vision and mission.  It is important to include a consistent numbering system for the headings and subheadings and use the layout of the report’s headings to indicate the sections and sub-sections.

2.3     Identification and assessment of risks relating to above goals

Identify the risks that the organisation faces when trying to achieve the goals you described in section 2.2.  Then, assess these risks by given them a rating (e.g. Extreme, High, Moderate or Low) using the Risk Analysis – Risk Matrix given in the assignment pack.  Identification of relevant business cycles

3.0  Business cycles

Describe all the business cycles necessary to achieve the goals stated in 2.2 above.

3.1   Revenue cycle

Provide the narration, data flow diagrams (context and level 0) and document flowcharts for the revenue cycle stated in section 3.0.

4.0  Database and file structure

Using a relational database management system (RDBMS) of your choice (e.g. MS-Access, FileMaker, etc), create a database by linking the data files showing the attributes described in 3 above only. Attach screen dumps in an appendix.

Hint: Capture the screen displays by pressing the ctrl-PrtScn keys simultaneously. Paste the captured screen displays in the Paint software (click the start icon on your screen and select the Paint software). Crop and copy/cut, and then paste it in your document. Or, use Jing to capture screens (


5.0  Screens and Reports for the Australian Accounting Assignment

Describe why the 3 data entry screens and reports are necessary.  Layout should be attached in the appendix.


6.0  Controls to mitigate risks & Residual risks identification

Refer to Risk Analysis – Risk Matrix used in section 2.3.


7.0  Appendices – File relationships and file structure, entry screens, and reports

File relationships:

File structure:

Data Entry Screen and reports:

Textbook: Figure 12.6, page 358; Figure 13.4, page 399; Figure 12.8, page 361.

8.0            Reference List used in the Australian Accounting Assignment

The reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order by author surname and Chicago referencing style should be used. More information on the Chicago referencing style can be obtained from the Curtin library website:

CBS Communications Skills Centre. 2013. Report Writing: Structure and Content. Curtin University.

UniLife. 2013. “Report Writing.” Curtin University. Accessed May 20,



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