Assignment week 3

Assignment week 3

Instructions for Assignment week 3

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Here the two movies related to the Assignment week 3:

1-  ABC 20/20 Interpersonal Attraction.m4v

True Colors – Racial Discrimination in Everyday Life 1/2

Sample Assignment week 3 Paper

The ABC 20/20 Interpersonal Attraction.m4v movie talks on the how individuals are segregated basing on their appearance. There are various forms of segregation among the population. These include the racial segregation, geographical segregation and in this case segregation based on facial appearance. People who are good looking in appearance are trusted more than the bad looking people. The good looking people can be offered jobs easily because they look good. This is seen in various scenarios in the movie. Good looking people are given attention more than bad looking individuals. An experiment is conducted to prove this theory by sending out two identical ladies for a job interview and the good looking lady is picked while the anemic looking lady is not given the secretariat job. Dania, the good looking lady is given a description of favorable working terms and conditions while the bad looking lady is given tough conditions.

The experiment conducted affects both genders. Both female and male prefers people who look attractive. Mark is given more priority because of the good looking complexion on the face. He is called immediately for job training and offered more money compared to the bad looking guys. This seems unfair whereby a person earn a lot of money because of the good looking complexion compared to the bad looking individuals. The employers associates marks good look with good future of the firm while the bad looking are seen as brokers. The first outlook presented by individuals plays an important role in passing of the interview. The same experience is seen in class where pupils literally say that a teacher is good because of the good looking face and physical appearance. This should not be the case. People should not discriminate others basing on their physical appearance since it gives a false judgment.

Sample Assignment week 3 paper 2

Racial discrimination is wide practice that continues even in school sectors and jobs. In the school the white are treated better compared to the black American who is treated harshly. The blacks are associated with laziness and have to be strictly monitored. The action is very discouraging to the blacks. The American thinks of nothing good about the black Americans but only links them with negative conduct. This is against humanity and the truth is that the blacks are also good people and are entitle for fair treatment. The racial discrimination is a norm in the America and people who practice them denies of having practices racism. The video show the way in which black American are discriminated in school and even in housing, the white are easily entrusted to acquire accommodation while the blacks have to face it roughly.

The main question that should ring into peoples mind is whether racial discrimination can come to and end in the American society or not. It is a hard question to answer. Racial segregation is wide in America and in all sectors the blacks are treated inferiorly. They are not given a listening ear to explain themselves. John is treated fairly when in process of school payment while Glen is harshly treated. Jobs are also set for particular groups of people in that the black American cannot get certain job levels. Racial discrimination can only end when people embrace each other as brother and sisters. When they went to the apartment, the white is given a room with air conditioners while the black American is not given attention at all. It is ironical when the manager blesses the black. The experiences are very unfair and against God’s command on the creation.

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