Assignment Certification Plan

Assignment Certification Plan

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Certification Plan

Begin to develop a plan to pass the Certification Exam. Compare your home state’s laws in regards to Advanced Practice Nursing Practice to an alternate state with a less or more restrictive practice environment.

Assignment Certification Plan

To prepare:

· Consider the differences in certification exams options for your specialty

· Reflect on how to approach relocating licensure from one state to another

Write a 3-4 page paper which summarizes the following:

· Identify the certification exam you selected and explain why

· Outline your plan for passing the appropriate National Certification Exam

· Describe the NP Practice environment for your home state highlighting restrictions or limitations for practice

· Describe 3 strengths identified from the FHEA Exit Exam

· Describe 3 areas of weakness identified by the FHEA Exit Exam and develop a study plan for addressing these areas of weakness


sending the form to advising, registrar, FEC or other departments will DELAY THE PROCESSING TIME of your application

3. Include your full name, student ID and program of study (FNP or AGNP) in your e-mail

4. ALL TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS must be sent to

5. Forms cannot be submitted until final grades are posted and degree conferral can be confirmed. You must submit your application for graduation in order for your degree to be conferred. For information about your graduation application, contact


Some state boards of nursing and national certifying agencies require a form be submitted that verifies completion of an NP education program. The following information will be helpful in submitting the forms for completion.

· Please do not submit the form for processing until you have completed all program coursework. We cannot verify course and program completion until final grades are posted.

· When e-mailing a request, please include your full name, program (FNP, AGNP etc.) and your student ID.

· When requesting transcripts, please email: or you can make a request through your student portal.

FOR AANP: AANP requires transcripts to be sent. They do not currently have a form that would need to be completed and submitted by Walden University School of Nursing.

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