Assignment #3 – Introduction to Philosophy

Assignment #3 – Introduction to Philosophy

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Read Chapter 11: Kant’s Revolution

2. Read Chapter 12: J.S. Mill and Utilitarianism

3. Read Chapter 14: Existentialism

4. Watch Videos (Below, linked in this document)

5. Complete A. Study Questions, B. Vocabulary, and C. Video

C. Video Questions (3 Videos) link

1-Questions for “Can Rules Define Morality?” Video…

2-Questions for “Does the Ends Justify the Means?” Video…

3-Questions for “What is the Meaning of Life?” Video…


Just follow the instructions to write 1 page single space case study (Dove) discussion.

And please use the SWOT template form in the insturctions.

Follow: Assignment #3 – Introduction to Philosophy

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Discuss your stage of psychosocial development by addressing the following questions:

1. Where does the theory place you in the life stages? If you disagree with the stage that Erikson’s theory places you in currently, tell me WHY you think that is the case and also provide one of the other stages as an alternative that you think best fits your life now – give me examples for why you disagree and why you place yourself in this new stage.

2. Do you believe that there is a close fit between the developmental tasks and psychosocial crisis and your current life circumstances? Developmental tasks are what individuals need to resolve at each stage (such as basic trust vs. mistrust) and psychosocial crisis relates to what they experience during that stage in the process of resolving the issue.(It may be helpful to turn to the relevant chapter and briefly review the tasks and crisis.)

3. If so, briefly discuss them. If not, what stage better addresses your life stage?he Discussion Board questions asked will require a little research (reading the assigned part of your e-text or other sources at the minimum), which means you will need to cite your source(s) using the APA format. I’ve copied what I put in the syllabus for your reference. Please remember that your initial post must be 250-300 words, and your two responses should be at least 250 words each. Please remember that psychology is a social science, which means that it’s based on research. You must document your sources by listing your references and correctly crediting your sources in the text of your initial responses.

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