Artwork Essay Pro Paper

Artwork Essay Pro Paper

Artwork Essay Pro Paper

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Medium is the material used in the creation of an artwork. Some of the mediums include the oil paints, tempera and the marble among others. The current study focuses on the use of tempera as one of the medium of arts discussed in the course text. The origin of the tempera painting is traced from the medieval to early renaissance period before the oil paint emerged. The tempera painting technique involved the creation of pigments held together through the water mixed with glycerine or eggs. Occasionally, vinegar was added to the egg yolk solution. The technique emerged as the main medium of art in the frescoes and later exemplified in the manuscript creation in the 12th century in Europe. The technique was later adopted by the Italians before it was overtaken by the oil paints in the 16th century.

The tempera paints were presented with a lot of realism and it portrayed details that went beyond the observed life situations. On the other hand, the paints would appear disorganized and did not have a specific form. Thin strokes were layered on the others to develop an illusion of shadows. Besides, the techniques enabled the artists to create a range of spatial depths. One of the challenges associated with the medium is that it dried faster and thus made difficult for the artists to blend it.  Below is an example of the tempera pain.

Artwork Essay Pro PaperArtwork Essay Pro Paper

Fig: Adoration of the Magi                  Fig. Wilton Diptych

Source (“From Egg Tempera to Oil”)

The revolution of art led to the emergence of the oil medium which was more appealing compared to the tempera medium which was flat. The two diagrams shows the slight improvements made in the tempera paints to enhance aestheticism; however, the advancements were limited by the fact that the tempera medium dried fast and was vulnerable to breakage especially when made of thick stocks.



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