Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Identify the appropriate research design methods and technique’s to address the business problem.

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Using the project topic you identified in the week one forums, you will need to present evidence that can support your topic choice to build the theoretical framework of your research project. Locate a minimum of 5 relevant research articles to support the problem you identified with a brief synopsis of each article chosen as it relates/supports the topic following the “Annotated Bibliography” below. To perform this research, you will need to use Davenport University’s Research Database to locate appropriate articles.

Your reference list should be formatted correctly using APA 6th edition guidelines with your synopsis following of 200-400 words per source. The following tutorials will assist you:

The annotated bibliography is really an important start to launch the research process in general. And what the bibliography allows you to do, is to look at different forms of research that’re out there, different styles of research, different forms of testing a hypothesis but it allows you to look at both perspectives, the pros and the cons of a certain topic, and then from there as you dig further into it, allows you to figure out what’s your niche is within the research that’s already available.

One thing that I really enjoy about the annotated bibliography is that instead of taking a cursory look at all the research that’s out there, it really forces you to dig deep and dissect the research that’s there as you start collecting this information and basically building the synopsis of what these articles are about that will help come along to support the topic that you are interested in.

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