AI Generated Content

AI Generated Content

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Technological developments have improved various aspects of human experiences including the ability to generate content easily. Many e-commerce platform are likely to adopt such technology because of their promising prospects. The machine learning is the most recent technology that has gotten significant interest and attention on the public including the marketing agencies, scholars, editorial team and SEO analysist. The good thing about the machine learning is in its ability to explore the keyword search from the internet and coming up with the best and optimized keywords with low difficulties and could be easy to rank. Also, the other advantage linked with the adoption of the machine learning in generating online content is that it is easy and cheap. Unlike the human generated contents which may be time-consuming or highly engaging, the machine learning contents can be generated instantly. Many tools have been developed to help in the content creation; one only need to subscribe the monthly fees to enjoy the various packages offered. Some of the existing tools include AI content.

Is Machine Learning becoming mainstream?

Yes, you may also refer to it as mainstream. The fundamental concept is really simple. To attain the desired outcome, provide a computer system with a lot of samples of the things you want it to “learn” while removing the outliers. I’m not sure, though, how the text might be changed to convey the ethos, logos, and pathos that are crucial to an argumentative thesis. Instead, a strong argument must be supported by evidence, which may include mentioning one or more sources. Machine learning has some restrictions even if it is simple, quick, and less expensive than using a human workforce.

The top 10 solid pros and cons of AI generated content:

Half of Artificial Intelligence robot face


  • Content created by artificial intelligence requires minimal human effort. It becomes enjoyable and appealing when one only needs to type a topic and subtopics and wait for the written article at the comfort of their seats. Companies can benefit from this by operating with a few human heads and product more.
  • The AI generated content are concepts created and operated by people. Essentially we are the boss. The algorithms are developed by professional programmers who “teach” the machine to develop a skill set. The machine learning can be altered, manipulated or tweaked according to our whims and fancy. You don’t need to hire a large team for your increasing content demands as AI can churn relevant content in huge numbers with the touch of a button. This means fewer people to manage at a workspace, less dependency on interdepartmental communication and less fear of your content eroding in quality. Besides, you can publish the content across various channels quickly and easily, whenever you need to.
  • The artificial intelligence assisted material is valuable in terms of quantity and quality because of the templates’ intricate designs and ability to generate many versions. Automation can produce many descriptions for each person or business and can simplify complex information. Additionally, there is a known danger of human mistake when labor is done manually. But with automation, standards are always upheld and quality is never compromised.
    No matter how calibrated and customized a machine is, it cannot equal the quality.
  • The best aspect of AI is how simple it is to customize content for various clients and audiences. Machine generated content is a cost-effective technique to reach out to several platforms with customised information, whether it be for targeted groups or specific individuals.


  • Application of artificial intelligence can yield impressive results regarding quantity, but the content generated can lack a common sense of human behavior. The algorithms can put 2+2 together factually, but invariably lacks a sense of emotion that good emotive content requires.
  • All content produced by AI is binary. It can inform you of what is good or harmful, but not of the ambiguous areas. It lacks the discernment to offer an opinion on goods or things for which there is no conclusive evidence. Only a human content expert can handle such murky situations.
  • Content created by artificial intelligence is based on existing data and facts. It can’t think up new and fresh ideas. It works around the data it has accumulated and information it has been fed. Automated content can lack common sense. Why do we say that? A mix and match of algorithms can make a red carpet blue or a woolen shawl polyester. AI can’t see lines, circles, squares or color. It doesn’t know textures or the feel of those textures. This is not to say that AI content is flawed. It just needs extra time in automating several categories and combining several narratives at once.
  • Content produced by AI lacks emotion. Although the information will read well and be produced in large quantities, it lacks the empathy and depth of a discussion. It can only express opinions and discuss the stories and categories that it has been exposed to and integrated with.
  • Regardless of how amazing your machine’s learning from structured data is, the truth remains that it lacks the ability to be subjective and express opinions. While a computer can speak fluently about a product’s appearance and characteristics, it can’t actually engage in debate or express an opinion about a topic or item. No matter how calibrated and customized a computer is, human writing has an emotional quality and reflects our depth of subject knowledge.
  • The truth is that using artificial intelligence to produce content is the next big thing and will have its own niche in the industry. Of course! This does not imply that the necessity for human content knowledge will disappear. Automation of content takes time and work. You must possess a firm grasp of rule-based logic and branching. Additionally, there is always room for more adjusting, modifying, and advancements. The best thing is that AI content makes it feasible to produce effective content that can be quickly customized for various audiences. It’s a lifesaver, especially given how AI-generated content boosts productivity and reduces costs for businesses.
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