Acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis Assignment

Acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis Assignment

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Discussion Question

The Acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis is among the acute chronic disorders affected the eye. The condition may be caused by either bacterial or viral infection. Alternatively, there are cases caused by allergic reactions. The condition is characterized by the pink and irritating eyes; though, the vision is not affected. The pink and irritation results from the allergic response to the pathogenic organisms. The condition can be treated using ofloxacin 0.3% eye drop.

Ofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone drug that inhibits the bacterial synthesis of the DNA gyrase. The possible side effects for the medication include eye discomfort, tearing eyes or increased sensitivity to light. Occasionally, patients may also have dry eyes. The patients should be monitored for itchy or dry eyes. The medication interacts with blood thinners and may also affect the heart rhythm. There is no special preparation required for the medication; though, its administration should be minimized on the patients with heart problems. The appropriate dosage is one drop on the affected eye QID for 10 days.

The study by Dal Monte (2020) confirms the effectiveness of the ofloxacin eye drop especially when given alongside dexamethasone. The findings are also supported by Chintakunta & Subbareddy (2022). The study shows that ofloxacin is effective for treating bacterial conjunctivitis. Though, the medication may not be effective for the viral conjunctivitis. Therefore, the healthcare providers must be keen to determine the type of infection the patient has. Considering that the patients develop irritations, it would be highly recommended for the medication to be given alongside dexamethasone to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes and minimize the side effects.

Acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis  Assignment


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